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Monday, September 12, 2016

LUCAS the Man, MY Captain V media & ignorance

Mentality & character!,

MY MAN of he Moment must be Lucas , 

 ..his late selection as CB for Lfc v "champs" Leicester..

alongside new boy Matip (anyone who has played CB knows how dfficult it is to establish understanding) 

LUCAS... was superb,,, limiting Vardy & Leicester to ONE clear chance ALL game. organising the defensive unit (and mignolet!)

 ...his precise distribution led to many attacking moves and at least 2 of the 4 goals..and despite being "blamed" for a "GOAL THAT WASNT" .. by fans and ignorant media, (not helped by JK and staff failing to protest at the infringement") continued to excel,, never mind Mane (who actually wasnt in the game during the first 30 mins, Firmino s link up & good finish and Lala rocket and work rate

... Lucas showed that he, and he alone has the mentality to be CAPTAIN, a lesson for the youth team i "manage/sponsor
and any other player who wants to be a footballing MAN!

*FIFA rules confirmed that the pressing of the Leicester player was INSIDE the penalty box BEFORE the ball left the area,, that the REF should have retaken it... so much for the awareness of Lfc staff or linesman, League & FA representatves or "expert media" who jumped on the "blame Lucas bandwagon so quickly!

Lucas,,,it began...

When Came to Lfc, thanks to RAFA (the best Lfc manager of the last 25 years)  at atime when we sang of the "Best Midfield in the World, Momo (Sissoko) Xabi, Alonso, GERRARD and Mascherano..!  " .,...

the ignorant fans laid into him, expecting a ball juggling Brazilian...but Lucas was a box-to box TEAM player, palyer of the year in his own league prior to transfer to Lfc 

,,,,many  fans couldnt understand why Rafa signed him...  and when he replaced Stevie ina MERSEYSIDE DERBY , I certainly realised how highly Rafa rated him, and watched him more closely...

Rafa converted him to a DM,  with benefits... he dont score but his "job" was always to protect the defence , sometimes at damage to his own performance... 

FEW fans watch a defensive player during a game, because I palyed there, I did & do

... I recall before his first injury him BOSSING Jaja Toure when Jaja was at his peak...


So add it up, he had to over come the stupid, few Lfc boo boy fans...the lack of public knowledge, the media ignorance and TWO major injuries that could have ended him

...and then on saturday, he ignores what was made to seem a match threatening BLUNDER and commanded the defence, adding quality distribution from CB , not seem since Agger.

Adopted scouser & Captain..

He would be FIRST on my team selection list every time, BUT he is still is seen as "one of Rafas" by some in the media and fan base who seem to have a "hate campaign" going (Martin Skrtel suffered badly from this) who pop at this brave lad at every opportunity...

He talks like a scouser, his kiddie born there, &  family well integrated into Liverpool life, he talks to the younger players , leads his team mates ... & must have felt sick when (then new boy) Milner and Hendo got ahead of him..

yes he is MY man,,,he should be THE Man...

thats more important if Lfc are to win leagues than the "Mane hype" (compared to Barnes??)  and "the rich mans main stand"...

LIVERPOOL get your priorities right!

.. Give LUCAS a new contract and the captains armband. NOW!

is this Anfield???

and ...I do NOT like the new "this is anfield" location it should look like this...  they should have made a new "tunnel" the new entrance on to the field looks,,,  without feeling ....... nothing.....  just "new"?   more @

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