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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

FirsSCLOG of ...season 16-17....

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....  !!!!!

....JOIN  alternative for sake of grass roots footy :

 … 160905 Campaign & end decline!

Harvey > posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.
September 5 at 3:35pm

a) priority should be getting the team sorted and the titles may follow
b ) anfield needs true supporters , priced out by modern Lfc... filling the stadium with "quiet middle class spectators" wont help anyone.. except j H enry

Lfc/Feckin' S-group 

ACCUSED of.... people trafficking? ha ha?
the fen way...


Luis Alberto (undisc.)
Joe Allen (undisc.)
Mario Balotelli (undisc.)
Christian Benteke (£27million)
Adam Bogdan (loan)
Sergi Canos (£2.5million)
Jose Enrique (released)
Jon Flanagan (loan)
Jordon Ibe (undisc.)
Jordan Rossiter (free)
Jerome Sinclair (undisc.)
Martin Skrtel (undisc.)
Brad Smith (undisc.)
Joao Teixeira (£240,000)
Kolo Toure (released)
Lawrence Vigouroux (undisc.)
Danny Ward (loan)
Andre Wisdom (loan)

.... true Union needed to stop this ???
@EuRED09      78/79  eam
Sep 05
@SiWard2505 @LFCHistoryShow @RedAlieNeT 

 .....didnt need ha ha..they could all "battle" but I prefer 78/79 team! .Clem, Em... & co.

Sep 05
@EuRED09 @LFCHistoryShow @RedAlieNeT 

posted in Black sheep & Monty - knee-GRINS.       
September 2 at 12:06pm
are USA scared of a russia which is now all about commerce .....?????   or  scared now russians are better in "business"? 

USA scared of chinese also?    
nations and borders are a violation of the rights of this planets people... pull them down and throw...
the flaGs away.....   stand UP ...or sit down in protest!

Christopher Richard Smith posted in LFCNY - Official Liverpool FC Supporters of New York.
September 5 at 12:57pm
liars & cheats everywhere! UEFA, FA ..FIFA and...

and... need honest MEdia:
International (pre Press) MEDIA Release
Yesterday at 10:00

Correcting Rafa mis-info:

"We've never been the same since. Imagine if Xabi was there with Suarez and Stevie."

Jónina Nelson>  I miss Xabi.

Marcus Maitland Jones>   Gareth f&cking Barry.
Julian Thake>  It was a sad day for the club all right, but Rafa wasn't solely to blame. Alonso wanted time off to be with his missus at the birth of their child. Understandable but dodgy decision no.1: Rafa said no because we had a European tie coming up. ,,,,

Manohar Venkataraman > Wait, you're saying Rafa wasn't infallible? That he made mistakes? That he's human? I'll always cherish Istanbul, the journey to Athens and the 2nd place season. I love Xavi too but "never forgive" is fan hyperbole to me.

Donald Callum > Of course it's hyperbole, I love Rafa for many other things, I certainly am not calling for a firing squad or banishment.
Manohar Venkataraman >  So mad about what could have been if Rafa had the budget that some other managers have had. Hell, if they had just bought Gareth Barry instead of the bait and switch disaster that was Glen Johnson (top 5 least favourite Reds ever).
Donald Callum > Manohar Venkataraman I would like to see Glen analysed, and asked how do you possess talent that you cannot be arsed to use? Now to be fair Rafa had plenty of dosh and for every Alonso and Luis Garcia there were plenty of Pelligrinos, Josemis and Voronins for sure.

Manohar Venkataraman > Except a lot of times I think he was budget constrained, since had to get his 4th or 5th choices. If you're digging in the bargain basement it's harder to get quality. That's why I'm curious as to what Rafa would have done with several of his 1/2 choices.

Brian Mclaughlin>  . Just because Rafa sold him and tried to buy Barry dosent means he thinks Barry was better!!! Did Rodgers think Lambert and Origi where better than Suarez??? Did Dalglish think Andy Carrol was better than Torres??? No... They just did theur best to replace him witth whats available... Alonso was told hed be sold in summer 2008 ( sold in 2009) but noone came in for him aftr a poor year and at the same time the rumors where out that we were after Barry( year left on contract so was cheap) and people made the Alonso/Barry connection ....... Isnt the Alonso /Aqualani connection the stick Rafa should be beaten with if any?????Rafa wanted to keep Alonso after the 2009 season( we finished 2nd) but Alonso wanted to leave and handed in a transfer Request ........ So in short Rafa made it known he would accept a bid if a suitable one came in 2008, none did, Alonso played superbly 2009 , Rafa wanted him to stay and Alonso handed in transfer request... But "the Rafa selling Alonso because he thought Barry better" myth lives on .......... Alonso going on to win everything in sight with Real, Spain and Bayern and us basically sucking from 2009 (apart from 2014 obviously) also sharpens the pain !!

CRS> fair & accurate comment Brian, too many "fans" were sold on media version of Alonso's departure .(and strangely did not "get" Rafa's pop at fergie!) . also forgetting he had to deal with he infes tors , & (snake) purslow saga whilst defending himself when Klinsmann was being courted behind his back.. etc etc , told to "sell before buying" , I met the man, and is one of very few people in footy who impresses me, and i loved supporting our team , again, being feared by all (inc Maureen's chelski, the mancs, barca and r..Madrid) across europe during his time...
love him! :)
unlucky also wih Aquilani, who was injured for almost all firs t season after signing

loved Rafa ....

however... ;

more @

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