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Monday, July 25, 2016

its footy, BUT not as we knew it..

the Distance from empathy - its footy, BUT  not as we knew it...  destruction of Shanks legacy

Fickle fans  on forums

I am on a facbook Lfc fan group, WHICH IS better than most, but , without , i think ,, any intent ,,
the posting yesterday made me step back and wonder "what the feck has happened to what was OUR club?"...

Origins and "Shanks REd Army boyz" 

We grew up with his "holy trinity"  bonded Players, supporters and Manager..

 we were socialist lads 
either from working class families or with the beliefs of social justice...

 something that drove my generation to never give up on the brothers & sisters lost at Hillsborough due to the systems distain on our culture.

They hated our "swagger" and the scallies giving a 2 finger salute to the rich londoners as once again we 
would claim our annual trophy at Wembley or clinch another title in their backyard,

Still singing "we are all having a party" when Maggie Thatchers dead....

HOPE during Rafa's Reign...

between 2005 and 2010 I got the "bug" again, I had always supported LIVERPOOL , not only the club, but the music, the wit,  and social culture that has more in common with the celts of Scotish or Irish lands than the english snobs and we felt "kings of europe" again with Rafa,

Rafa, whom i  met in Rotterdam & Swiss training camp

 ...WAS (still is, his family home and wife active in Liverpool charity projects) ONE OF OURS!
turning up in a Leverkusen pub, the way he talked to us, defended us , promoted our team...his pride in the REds

and when the boardroom stabbed him in the back he carried on "training and coaching" the team...
wih dignity and ....... had a "GO" at Fergie!!! :)

Like Kenny, he wasnt shy to talk dowto the scum (SLY tv) journos , who are always hunting for a negative headline.

and NOW,.. 

As Anfield becomes a "shoppin mall"  Lfc are...
"in the richest top 10 clubs in europe"  BUT, have declined in footballing status so that getting to finals and average league position is "tolerated"
and "top 4"  the holy grail of the Lfc BUSINESS!  

Since his departure... 

the US of A (currently location of the Lfc squad pre=season tour) SPINS every bit of news in or out of Lfc. every sale is "justified" by Lfc tv & the hacks on the echo,,  every purchase hyped up,  those who are "media friendly"  bigged up, and the players loyal to Shanks "Liverpool way" and Rafas team ..pushed out the door, aided by the "americanized" fecking s g CLONED fan nies and their poodles in the media.

Fans who have hardly kicked a ball, and pundits who are mere ex players or  Lfc fans with media priviledge talk mosly sh&te.

Many of them think the game is like "play station" and players are just names to be slotted into their "perfect selection"

bought and sold like commodities,,, a sympton of the way the "american dream" has become the GLOBAL NIGHTMARE..

everything is priced...they will bottle and sell you the air you breathe soon!

I am not defending the modern player, many average squad players are made into millioanires when barely passed puberty.

but there is something SICK in the society when fans look at a "squad menu" of the current LFC squad, and say get rid of number 22 and 45....etc

There is a lack of empathy , the players are people...when we were lads they were TRUE heroes , who played for the shirt , who we sang and chanted for, and prayed that we could be,..  they were close, we could talk to them.,,,,

and now fans  make them into mere "numbers"

without heart , without empathy,  even the few loyal ones , like Lucas , with a "scouse family" reduced to nothing, by modern ignorance

shame ,,,,on the society,  which teaches "cool"  shame in football

...because you WILL "walk alone" too, one day because thats the PRICE you payfor being "cool"....


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