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Sunday, June 16, 2013

avoiding the summer transfer BULLsh*TE!

avoiding the summer transfer BULLsh*TE! 

Nope, I am NOT commenting on ANY "potential signings" ...

During the summer its likely that Lfc will be "linked" to just about every player in the World, ;) and the "fannies" fall for it, every webclick u make or paper u buy encourages the MADNESS!

The media are lazy,  it is easy to "rumour", and like a bunch of little girls, the sheeple join the GOSSIP..

Torres was right to leave LFC, as was Masch etc , what is virtually ignored is that from the moment the yankers (part 1 and 2) infested our club since 2007  ...we have gone from Champions league finalists and title contenders to an average position in an average league, 

Torres was clear in his aims before he came to OUR club, he didn't want to be sole "match winner" and wanted to win trophies, 
LFC sacked Rafa and employed "ale-house woy"

..Suarez started with Kenny and saw our king betrayed by Henry only 2 months after the league cup final "vote of confidence" 
(examples of loyalty must start at the top)

when Lfc fans eventually get to grips with the reality that the wrong people are steering (?) our club and campaign for supporters ownership

 we shall have a basis for the future , the global financial crisis wont be solved and no "billionaire" solutions are good for us either! 

 ...we are the club, and there are no club supporters like ours in the world, 

to avoid taking responsibility shows cowardice that Shanks would not have allowed.. many modern Lfc fannies are simply hypocrites! 

so, point the finger at yourselves  .. F S G, "hedge-fund Henry", clueless Werner, and poodle Ayre & all the FSG clones MUST Be forced OUT, 

.....then we can re-build the club as it SHOULD be!

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happy birthday Dusica (one of the best mewmories dancing  the Irish Pub, Uzice) 


VISUAL comment on the world today...

The world seems to be full of "BUMS" ..:)

Fathers DAY? did any feemales tell my children?