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Friday, June 28, 2013

RISE-UP...dated... and a message for them ... LMAO!

and a message 
for them ... LMAO!

a message for them ; Hicks, Henry & co... google; twatter, 2facedbook, and all the "agencies"; you have, bombed, or DELETED; diverted & delayed emails, & bugged sms, phone, blogs, blocked computers, websites etc. etc..but, its too late, the titanic has sunk and the "good virus" is out there and members are building positive lifeboats, whilst you and your financial empires are sinking like the titanic..

so, my dear "enemies" you have a last chance to co-operate, for goodness sake! before U drown in the icy waters or ...worse! ...i disappear and you have no-one to co-operate with.. <SMILE>

....many fans gossip like a bunch of old women...rumour and pathetic media - exagerated claims etc... but.. the greater crime is.. the soul of Liverpool is being sold; SoS are impotent, many fans dont care about anything unless its a transfer & Henry continues Hicks poison

6 years of Rapid decline = 6 years of Hicks & Henry, the problem comes first from the boardroom, Evans was a good man, but not a winner, same goes for BR, we have academy for players ; we are not a training school for managers,

 in 2007 we contested the champions league final, last season we were in an average position in an average league..I have been a supporter since the days of Shanks & the standing KOp, and if anyone had told me I would write against Lfc like this I would have taken their head off! 

.. the apathy of fans, and the lack of reaction against F S G by S.O.S (our "union") says so much about how well the commercial propaganda was sold to fans, only matched by their own ability to swallow the mainstrean media & Lfctv BS! ...we will not hold players of quality who have seen Rafa stabbed in the back by Hicks & co, and Kenny stabbed in the back by Henry & co...                       

.. I could have bought 2 houses with the money i spent on supporting the REdS .. and I KNOW that we could have managed the club , even in "administration" better than it has been recently, Rafa & Kenny brought in the Kids... and I like this policy, (its realistic in the face of global financial meltdown) 

but the boardroom are poisoning our club with erratic and inconsistent decisions that almost seem aimed at harm... sad that so few want to admit it.. (here at least) its a footy version of "the emperors new clothes" ... so sad! we are no longer magic, Lfc is currently ....Tragic!

Torres was right to leave LFC, as was Masch etc , what is virtually ignored is that from the moment the yankers (part 1 and 2) infested our club since 2007 
we have gone from Champions league finalists and title contenders to an average position in an average league, 

Torres was clear in his aims before he came to OUR club, he didnt want to be sole "match winner" and wanted to win trophies, LFC sacked Rafa and employed ale-house woy

..Suarez started with Kenny and saw our king betrayed by Henry only 2 months after the league cup final "vote of confidence" (examples of loyalty must start at the top)

when Lfc fans eventually get to grips with the reality that the wrong people are steering (?) our club and campaign for supporters ownership  we shall have a basis for the future , the global financial crisis wont be solved and no "billionaire" solutions are good for us either! 

 ...we are the club, and there are no club supporters like ours in the world, 

to avoid taking responsibility shows cowardice that Shanks would not have allowed.. many modern Lfc fannies are simply hypocrites! 

so, point the finger at yourselves  .. F S G, "hedge-fund Henry", clueless Werner, and poodle Ayre & all the FSG clones MUST Be forced OUT, 

.....then we can re-build the club as it SHOULD be! 


....Borini? scoring for young Italy ...& considering how many times our players hit post & bar, suggest focus on hitting the net ;) !!

some useful info, for the newbies, maybe give a copy to BR?? better SUPPORT by REdS away, than @ Anfield, these days!

away days & REdS meetings ; pics @

as with Aquilani, the mistakes of the boardroom (& woy & buck) were not the players fault..good luck @wHam ..Andy was a decent "Plan C" option, BR! 
some aspects agreed, but suspect Paul is doing his "F S G Public relations" bit ..again!
(sold out to be made "official" jounro! ha ha..pathetic)

Micheal O Regan>
4 players signed and not yet july huge improvement on last summer,hopefully we can move forward big time.I'm sure there will be another 1 or 2 joining yet,let's hope we can achieve success in the new season,YNWA
Niall Bennis > Papadopolous won't happen. They want 20m. I don't even think he'd pass a medical. There's a shortage of top class centre halves out there.
Gavin J Walsh> Cant see papa happening no either, think pool will look to spain again to get cb, dat ukraine lad looks good we'll have real attacking options if he comes onboard
Jod Burke Really want Papa just for this...
Samaras vs Papadopoulos - EPIC!
Requiem for a dream makes everything epic.

CS> not methods or "transfer policy"... 6 years of Hicks and Henry etc have posioned the club and lowered standards quality and expectations
OUR loss (AGAIN) is Napoli's GAIN! 
Rafa @ Napoli
best wishes from "Global RedS" ChRiS... 

Rafa's REdS of 08/09 would have spanked any of BR' selections/...!

IF (!) Napoli could affiord Suarez I would back Rafa to win the Champions League next season
apathy the y  continue to sell the soul of Liverpool...6 years of Hicks & henry have infested our club!
not methods or "transfer policy"... 6 years of Hicks and Henry etc have posioned the club and lowered standards quality and expectations
..F S G OUT!

Marie Buckley > The problem I see with the current system at LFC is that there are far too many signings each season, which doesn't make for the team gelling..........for success to return to Anfield, one or two quality players need to be added each season to build a team capable of making a challenge to return to the top four for a start. This policy of buying five or six players, most of them who do not make the grade each year is plain foolish. Were this money spent over the past few seasons on just one quality player (as Stevie has been crying out for) we now would have that team - instead we are still 'building' and in all probability if this continues we will still be 'building' in the future. Just my opinion!

CS>  the problem starts with the boardroom, everything else is consequential.. Lfc fans who wont fight for their club will get the result they deserve!

  Guillem Balague@GuillemBalague > (what a Tw*t!) ...I hope Liverpool fans are happy with the arrival of Iago Aspas for 9m euros. Pace, goal, commitment. Key: adaptation to England 

and  REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT ;

@thisisanfield @EuRED09 since 2007 the destruction has been by Hicks & Henry, stupid transfer policies and poisonous "management" killing US 

@empireofthekop @EuRED09 ayre = PR poodle of Henry! 

@Liverpool_FC_ @EuRED09 poisonous boardroom at Lfc since 2007 is destroying our club! 

@thisisanfield @LivEchoLFC @EuRED09 Any one who thinks Lfc is being properly managed is an IDIOT! 

@thisisanfield @EuRED09 should not think like that! 

@karlsentk @EuRED09 summer madness, like Andy , Martin has been "discarded" by "buck" too easily, LFC have acadmey for players not managers! 

@LFC @EuRED09 thanks Craig, a reminder why Henry must be kicked ouy of our club, FSG betrayed the King, (& ignored Rafa!) WE are the club! 

FSF Faircop@FSF_FairCop 

How legal aid cuts will effect fball fans… Pls read & importantly click link in article & sign petition #saveukjustice 

10:40 AM - 03 Jun 13 

  "Help to Save UK Justice for football fans"

Alison Gurden, is a lawyer specialising in football supporter law. She was awarded Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year 2012, and has been recognised by the American Civil Liberties Union for her criminal defence work. It took a judge less than 10 minutes to agree tha t bail conditions imposed by the police which meant a fan could not leave his home on match days were so unreasonable they should never have been imposed. Had the case not been legally aided the fan would have had to pay privately for the hearing,

CS> ha ha .. BS! BE CAREFUL of yankers, be even more careful of  yanker lawyers who are "helping you" ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


away day & REdS meetings ; pics @

LFCLiverpool's 2013-14 fixtures revealed (19th Jun 2013 - Latest News)
Liverpool will open their 2013-14 campaign with a home match against Mark Hughes's Stoke City on Saturday, August 17.

The Reds will then travel to Aston Villa on Saturday, August 24 before David Moyes and Manchester United visit Anfield on Saturday, August 31.

The Christmas period is one that stands out for " Buck"Rodgers and his squad - with a mouth-watering Boxing Day trip to Manchester City followed two days later by a visit to Stamford Bridge.

The Merseyside derbies take place at Goodison on Saturday, November 23 and Anfield on Tuesday, January 28.

The season will end with a home encounter versus Newcastle United on Sunday, May 11.

Liverpool's Capital One Cup campaign will begin on Wednesday, August 28 between our fixtures with Aston Villa and Manchester United.

"All the dates in this story are approximate and subject to change. A definitive fixture list will be complied next week, which will take into account any changes other clubs make in relation to their European games. The first round of TV games will be selected on Friday."

Lfc "Don't miss a kick next season. Match day hospitality is now available for all 2013-14 fixtures" >>

Liverpool's 2013-14 calendar: (subject to change by SLY TV!!!!!)


17 Stoke City (H)
24 Aston Villa (A)
28 Capital One Cup second round
31 Manchester United (H)


14 Swansea City (A)
21 Southampton (H)
25 Capital One Cup third round 
28 Sunderland (A)


5 Crystal Palace (H)
19 Newcastle United (A)
26 West Bromwich Albion (H) 


2 Arsenal (A)
9 Fulham (H)
23 Everton (A)
30 Hull City (A)


3 Norwich City (H)
7 West Ham (H)
14 Tottenham Hotspur (A)
21 Cardiff City (H)
26 Manchester City (A)
28 Chelsea (A) 


1 Hull City (H) 
4 FA Cup third round
11 Stoke City (A)
18 Aston Villa (H)
28 Everton (H)


1 West Bromwich Albion (A)
8 Arsenal (H)
12 Fulham (A)
22 Swansea City (H)


1 Southampton (A)
8 Sunderland  (H)
15 Manchester United (A)
22 Cardiff City (A)
29 Tottenham Hotspur (H) 


5 West Ham (A)
12 Manchester City (H)
19 Norwich City (A)
26 Chelsea (H) 


3 Crystal Palace (A)
11 Newcastle United (H) 
17 FA Cup final

Lfc> Our official travel provider Thomas Cook Sport is now on sale with ticket and hotel breaks for all Liverpool FC's 2013-14 home games. For more information click here>>
CS> thos cRook rips off fans & fannies... go economy with us 

every picture...




    I am from the Generation who started supporting during his reign, no words can adequately express what he gave me, in and outside of our club, I used many of his ideas & ideals throughout my life, and still do, and i remind those who are eroding his values through the commercialization of LFc that you dishonour the man and our holy trinity with your soul-less methods. True REDS need to read and maintain the essence that he brought to us, a phenomenon, that brought Shanks, and the bonding of the Scot's determination; the beatles music; scouse wit and a magical belonging that still burns in our heart.. thanks Shanks!

  3. 13701

    aint missing you...


    war games

    a nightmare scenario born out of an american dream? .. even today 30 years later, the film is relevant
    as they still have the capapility to wipe human race of the face of this planet... and equalluy dangerous
    is the global dependence on computers & automation, which may simply decide to turn...against YOU!


    "Oh, but life is a funny thing
    and yet is hard to beat..
    for every rose has a THORN!
    but the Rose is still sweet..

    have i had enough roses in my life?
    a girl, a partner, a friend, more than one wife?
    but I have bled too many times
    so i dont care if this poem rhymes .. ! :)"


    although we may be able to connect with other dimensions of this universe,
    do you know the people next to you?? where is your empathy?

    be the change..

    look around.. take your place ..

    and i wish a fond "farewell" to Nelson ...Mandela..
    (who, when in opposition to the establishment.. was called "terrorist" by english PM ; Margaret Thatcher!)

  4. "Oh, but life is a funny thing
    and yet is hard to beat..
    for every rose has a THORN!
    but the Rose is still sweet..

    have i had enough roses in my life?
    a girl, a partner, a friend, more than one wife?
    but I have bled too many times
    so i dont care if this poem rhymes .. ! :)"

  5. from Avaaz > Dear friends,

    Most people didn't know who the Rwandans were until it was too late, and 800,000 of them were dead. Right now, the fate of Burma's Rohingya people is hanging by a thread. Racist thugs have distributed leaflets threatening to wipe out this small Burmese minority. Already children have been hacked to death and unspeakable murders committed. All signs are pointing to a coming horror, unless we act.

    Genocides happen because we don't get concerned enough until the crime is committed. The Rohingya are a peaceful and very poor people. They're hated because their skin is darker and the majority fear they’re 'taking jobs away'. There are 800,000 of them, and they could be gone if we don't act. We've failed too many peoples, let's not fail the Rohingya.

    Burmese President Thein Sein has the power, personnel and resources to protect the Rohingya, all he has to do is give the word to make it happen. In days, he’ll arrive in Europe to sell his country’s new openness to trade. If EU leaders greet him with a strong request to protect the Rohingya, he’s likely to do it. Let’s get 1 million voices and plaster images of what’s happening in Burma outside his meetings with key EU heads of state:

  6. I told you to remove the photo of me and Katie off your blog. Do I have to go down the legal route here???