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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Breaking VIEWS...Rafa to Manage "peoples cub" ????

Another Trophy @ another CLUB.. RAFA is a WINNER!
Breaking VIEWS

...Rafa to Manage...

 the "peoples cub" ???? 

.......would it really be a surprise?? with Rafa's family based in LIVERPOOL?... daughter a Scouser, and his wife; Montse; VERY active in the LIVERPOOL community..

 and as the blues failed to win a trophy with Moyes who is now
understudy to Fergie and like rooney , is a blue who became manc..!  

Rafa won trophies wherever he managed, often against the odds...winning La Liga twice V Barca & Madrid , who can forget ISTANBUL?? (Rafa was most succesful Lfc manager in the previous 20 years! taking our club within 2 points of the league title, in spite of G & H!)

After the Inter president betrayed him, It took courage for Rafa to take the Chelski job considering the fans hated him and mad Abramovic only gave him until end of season..Rafa is the best manager in question!

...The Lfc board ignored him and employed novice BR instead, He was forced out by the previous Y ankers and USA money-man H enry typically has problem with "strong" managers, having forced out Kenny at the end of last season..(only 2 months after a "statement of confidence"....

more to follow.....@ REdNET
other...MY LAST days...


..."The last birthday & Leaving party"

ChriS SmiTH> re-arranged,,, re-opened until ... 23 may ;) then I am ..gone!

all YOU "conditioned people", spend the BEST times of your lives
studying and passing tests to JOIn or climb the "system" the same as buying a THIRD CLASS ticket to the "TiT-anic"
...AFTER it hit the ICEberg ..wake up!..or dont, because I dont care either! 

final day:


 some thing seriously wrong with footy when 4th place is an "achievement"... money rules the fannies!
  BR (our novice "manager" appointed by F S G) says " we can challenge for top 4 next season ) prior to the y ankers in 2007 we were challenging for n.1 about "managing expectations" and the FSG clones swallow the BS!     btw LFC have scored the most goals in the EPL this (calendar) year so far, so what? we didnt win anything!
A new start....? Jordan IBE!

Anew Star?   Coutinho!
Thaks Carra!

Last game of the season, and the last "Sclog" of this type;


Mo(o)nday... 4 days to go
where i go to, you wont know!
Carra played his very last in front of our Kop
spice boy & fergie gone, scholes & Owen ,Mike ;no more shop!

Rafa, a natural winner
his body thick, his hair much thinner
ends his time @ stamford bridge
he would rule the world @ Citeh or Madrid

But Rafa's family are truly "scouse"
they all live in a LIVERPOOL house
so as the yankers @ Lfc are scared of his power
could he manage the "peoples club" & the blue shower?

as for me , Four days only, left on this planet
tomorrow is monty's birthday, did you forget?
this state is only 7 years old
I am a little bit older, and at least as Bold

shall I start to party with any of my "friends"?
no, that word has no longer any real meaning
but if i find JUST ONE TRUE mate
then I would have a REAL REASON TO CELEBRATE!


went for an early run the early sun
...varied my routine
...never be a slave to anyone or anything
..including yourself! ;)

good luck learning to join a system that has no jobs!

instead join

its free and..u will gain more in one week than in 7 years of local "education"

time to close the book and depart from this planet, Sad that with 3000 "facebook friends" not one takes the time to come to know me...yep its that time..
and i try to make this Rhyme
i wanted to hold on to U
but its just not "true"

i have to be alone,
it seems, because i cant wait for yr games
through my life i had so many events
and oh so many names

i need respect, even if i have to leave

i cant wait until you understand
i have reasons to grieve
but prefer to make my "stand"

so its "adieu" to those i thought care
I had hoped u had courage
but you dont have enough
with me, to "dare"

may goodness go with you,
in this dimension or another
i am not your father
and i am more than a brother!

ChRiS x

alternative LINKS;  

too many "fannies" & F S G Clones & apathy amongst LFC fans...dont deserve our club!!

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