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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Maggie Gone, and Fergie Going,, let us RISE UP...and take over our CLUB!!! (and Wish!)

Maggie Gone, 
and Fergie Going,
let us RISE UP

...and take over 
our CLUB!!!.. and "wish"
...the Witch is dead, and the bully is bowing out, but Fergie chose the time, as his squad, won a title because the rest of the league teams were poor this season , and when main Rivals LIVERPOOL are at the lowest point since 2007 (pre-yankers) 

(when we were TOPof the UEFA rankings to now 7th position in an average league)

Kenny was betrayed by Henry and removed from his contract IN HIS FIRST FULL SEASON based on "lack of success" but one position lower (eighth) was more than compensated by a League Cup trophy, an FA cup final and QUALIFICATION for europe, the fools actually swallow the pro-Brendan propaganda.. and even those who want F S G or BR out, dont get it, and too many call for a "white knight" billionaire!

it IS an illusion to think that ANY business people , from wherever are going to care about our club, they will ONLY see it as a money-maker, which says to me the fans are blinkered, because if something between 7-30 million fans out there cant do what Bayern (or Barca, or Dortmund?) have done, then the fans arent worthy of our club, lots of chat and "YNWA" and "my family" and blah blah, but it would only cost about the price of a match ticket , if we made our own fund to re-launch the club

  ..the truth is MOST these fans talk too much but dont have the balls , initiative or enthusiam to actually DO anything good at moaning and complaining and buying the sh*te from the official shops so they "look" like supporters , but they dont even understand the meaning of the word, our club has declined rapidkly since we let the business INFESTORS in.. but the fans will keep on "chatting" ... FFS !! 

anyone who can read can see that the financial world is in collapse... but still they think money will buy everything.. its almost too ridiculous to comment about... !! the club itself has a massive income FROM fans worldwide so to say that we couldn't buy players if we owned the club is like saying Barca nor Bayern ever buy players what (a bunch of ) C*nts!!

the F S G clones & "fannies" bang on about "progress" (thanks to the FSG/BR/LFCtv & "friendly media" propaganda..) 

i would support a youth policy, in fact Rafa was instrumental in bringing most of the Kids to the academy, with Kenny and Rudolfo..
a champions team needs balance.. some experience and "bite" ...

and we cant afford to "discard" players like Skrtel & Carroll...and have "BR favourites" Borini & Allen getting priority

but just look at where we are after 6 years of yankers - then we were TOP of UEFA rankings an averge position in an average
league, even the top teams dont look "special" ....thats the worst mancs team i've seen in a decade!..

and  ..we have NOT beaten any of the 6 teams above us, home or away, (apart from our LAST home win TWO MONTHS ago.. v spurs)
and that was "lucky"..(if you are honest!)

F S G know NOTHING about the game OR our club, disasterous decisions, they are like blinkered accountants, they can only make negatives ... no vision at all.. and we have a "manager" who is learning at our expense..

maybe you haven't spent all your disposable income supporting this club? 

(I could have bought 2 houses with the money I have spent supporting our club!) ...but IMO we deserve better, and if Dortmund and Bayern
can get to the top without "billionaires" can we; with arguably the biggest and best supporters network worldwide.

come on Rafa, probably the last manager to beat fergie's team @ old toilet, good riddance to the old bully! not a bad year after all, first maggies gone, now her footy equivalent! 

and aren't we all SAD???!

Seán Ó Cléirigh > lol

Les Lynch > maggie,s gone...Fergie,s gone...this scouser got one wish left in her lamp! x

Glen White >It's all about respect and u show none of it !

Seán Ó Cléirigh glen, just the other week u were saying utd were muck and they should be doing better. they won their 20th league title and you were all happy as larry then. i haven't said anything other than i dont like him. Why should i show respect to someone i dont like?...

Marie Buckley > No doubt Fergie is a top quality manager and his achievements have been phenominal...............but, on the other side of the coin - he is one nasty, disrespectful and dishonest man and as such its is difficult to acknowledge these achievements and how some of them were gained.

Glen White > Yes cause we're losing important and big games that's y i said what i said and I'm write Sean ever since real we hav lost against real Chelsea city 3 of the biggest game is all I've said !! 36 trophys behind fergie and u don't respect him typical pool fan !

Seán Ó Cléirigh > I don't respect someone I don't like... Common sense glen

Glen White > Because he didn't win anything over u !! And he was ur rival!
Seán Ó Cléirigh ???

Chris >  i suppose its the same as ppl who admire Adolf, Stalin , Thatcher, as they do with Fergie, those ppl dont care on HOW the DICTATORS got results, just that they did it, this is a good way to identify the difference between true REdS supporters and the mancs..they have no morals.. they will leave the ground half way through the game when utd losing, whereas most of us will stay till the end , and still sing YNWA!

God love the ignorance of some of you out there. (seanoc)
Reports are getting stronger within finance houses in UAE that FSG the owners of English Premier League team Liverpool FC are looking at selling a majority stake in their investment.

Last month, FOX Business in America first reported that Henry had begun quietly shopping the Red Sox to potential buyers. People with knowledge of the possible deal said that Henry’s move stemmed from the poor perfor
mance of his investment company, John Henry & Co., and also to better finance his English football team, Liverpool PC, which he purchased in 2010.

Whilst looking at the potential buyers for the Red Sox more interest has been shown in their investment of Liverpool FC who have a global fan base which is on par with Manchester United. Liverpool FC are a club who need major investment if they are to keep pace with newcomers of Manchester City and Chelsea. The club also need money for the redevelopment of Anfield.

Henry's Global Analytics fund has lost just over 21% this year, including 6.16% in September alone. By comparison, the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index dipped 1.42% in September and has gained 3.47% so far this year.

While Henry denied that report, rival baseball owners are now telling FOX Business America that the management of Fenway Sports is weighing selling a chunk of the holding company to potential investors.

In addition to the Red Sox and the Liverpool team, Fenway Sports Group owns about 80% of the cable sports channel NESN, a NASCAR team as well as a sports- marketing business. Baseball executives say Henry is growing increasingly uncomfortable running two high-profile sports franchises that eat a lot of cash without some outside help.

“Henry is a Wall Street guy and he can read a balance sheet,” one rival executive told FOX Business. “He’s getting killed in Liverpool and the Red Sox basically break even or make a few bucks. NESN does very well, but having a partner will make him feel better from a financial standpoint.”

FSG are keen to hold onto a stake in Liverpool FC they can do this by selling a Major stake to someone who has the capacity to input the large financial outlay required in the franchise with major returns over a long period of time.

This may be worrying times for LFC fans who would be wise to remember that John Henry came in at the last minute and rescued the club he is not like the previous American owners. John Henry understands the global brand of Liverpool FC and he will no doubt do what’s best for the club and his shareholders.

stewie ***

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay

Henry & FSG know "FA" about our club or footy, if Barca & Bayern can be succesful without billionaires then LIVERPOOL with such a global support should also! 

dont want more "infestors" 

get F S G OUT NOW (they didnt save us.... thats BS!) (CS)
Mark Lawrenson: FSG Must Be Flexible In Liverpool's Transfer Policy

"Are they going to have to be young? Yes, the resale value of players is important," he said in the Liverpool Daily Post. "But they have to be able to improve the first team, it can't always be a long-term plan. It also has to be for the here and now.

"For the balance of the team, Liverpool need some more experienced heads coming in. That's what can help them improve, because realistically they've only gone up one place in the table this season and haven't reached the cup finals they did last year.

"Rodgers could do worse than bring in someone like a Gary McAllister when he came to Liverpool, a Gordon Strachan when he went to Leeds United or a Henrik Larsson when he was briefly at Manchester United."
  • Fenway. We Come Not To Pay > Alonso? Lawro is one of the worst ex-Lfc player-pundits on Tv, but there is some sense, in this but surely the balance must be with Pepe, Danny, Glen & Stevie taking more "senior responsibility" ,, Danny Agger especially as he needs to take command of the defence and eventually the captains armband... ..because with F S G and BR we dotn have any experience or know-jhow off the field!! but most importantly supporters need to show they care about the club enough to take it over! (CS)
    ChriS SmiTH > . because Henry betrayed a great man called Kenny Dalglish who gave everything to this club... for a list of other reasons..go to ..
    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay


    ........watching the docufilm "hitler" on tv , a reminder of how he manipulated fear of certain group (jews & others) blaming them for all the nations problems , much in the same way
    the USA has eroded civil rights using Islam as the "excuse"..always challenge the "leaders" (manipulators and their "media" ) and form your own opinions ...


    MatDAZE@MonTV ;

    "just for fun tourny, boy & girls teams (and any other possibility!) ;) w/end 25/26 Nearby ..boat trip & grill party.. @ Podgorica ; capital of  the independent state of Monty!! (has almost the same birthday as me! ;) 

    ...(transferred ; due to "visitor accomodation  FM admin, & Hosting  restrictions"  email ; with your team! Molim/please/bitte/S.V.P/Prego.... ...No one to depend on.. 

    must find a lady to dance to this with me.. ;) Samba pa ti...


    ............went out this morning, warm but a bit humid, almost an "asian atmosphere to the weather" walked into town, sorted a few things, brekkie was home-made cheesecake and coffee on a "downtown terrace caffe" .. decided to go to market for tonights meal, fresh cevapi, chicken and paprika..
    and a nighbour spoke quicly in local dialekt, i didnt notice him at first and replied "molim?"
    ..... he said "i am neighbour who drank Rakija with you at the house owners homemade rakija "still"
    ... and i told him that if we were drinking rakija, no wonder i dont remember him.. ;)
    he asked about language and i told him i dont have "daily contact or a local girlfriend"..
    (they dont understand why...and i dont continue to "try") he laughed! ... .. the "uuu000eee move" hasnt worked yet it seems some locals are getting more friendly..
    late ..before the planet, but better late than never?

    ....waking up to the "usual mainstream news" ... are you??

    ..when any govt. uses its own "forces" military/police or any other form of suppression on ANY of the people...whether it be Post-Thatcher england, or any number of african states, or Syria today, Korea, Adolf or Merkel's reich, french against gypsies, or the USA since Kennedy, the former-Yugo/MNE or anywhere else on this mad planet ...IT IS LOST....and you, the individual, have the responsi
    bility to make it better,

    freedom & justice ; and an equal CHANCE for all.. so, dont blame anyone else...its YOUR fault and your opportunity ... to be or not to be!  

    na Danica; " bic´evelika rupa u mojoj rodendan bez tebe ... Ne osec´am se kao " slave " ..



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