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Friday, May 19, 2017

not quite ...over (REdNET bootroom review) anyway....

170519   not quite ...over 

 (REdNET bootroom review) anyway...

16/17 season; .

I prefer to pre-review this season NOW because most wil wait for the result, before stating their opinion, REDNET is always considering the "alternative"...


Not many reasons to change opinions about the team than in Log link ;  post-easter-pre-palace-anti-in
...except to increase our admiration of LUCAS (10 years and recent form deserves a testimonial and retention in the squad)  Lalla back improves performance,  Studge if on form could open up the game with a goal (again) and ..

I want to see if Grujic is competing for a regular place in this summer freindlies/tour... I cant see Woodburn offering too much yet, Trent showed some sparks... but on sunday the question will be if Firminho comes back in...  I think JK may start v Boro. with the same team that battering a poor wham team last weekend.. (o-4) London.
  Apart from players who, for me, are game changers with quality, like de Bryne and Sachez , for me there are no obviously signings that would immediately make a positive difference..  especially as Jk likes to be" from footed"  with full throttle...  Mane & Hendo back? iF TOP players came available that level is the ones Lfc shoudl sign... but ptobably wont considering the lack of , and the BS "moneybollox" pollicies of the infestors..


In his pre match press conference obviously stated that its in the hands of the Lfc team  .. a win guarantees at least a 4th spot. ... 

I was never a "Kloppite" at any time. but I liked his handing of the media, however , he sounds like a german BRent ... recently blaming the dry grass at Anfield for poor passing... but such a meticulous backroom staff surely should have considered  such detail...  pre match..

His delays in substitutions and addiction to a certain type of tactics & method, to me is a wekness in finals, and key games... it cant be denied that the squad (or JK>?)  have some problems in over coming the "final hurdles" therefore, there will be (at least initial) tension at Anfield and around the world of Lfc fans on sunday... a"should win" game...


The propaganda that pushes Lfc fans to get "excited" about a "4th place"  is exagerated by the media and the PROFIT H enry & co will get IF/when Lfc re-join the European Champions League... but Lfc will need to be much stronger next season or another "early brexit" is likely...

For Me, having had a full season with only the (short) League cup run as a distraction, JK failed to deal with injuries and absence of Lalla, Phil & Mane, and of course "capt Hendo"  for me , LUCAS should have been slotted into the Hendo role, early, allowing others to also develop their replacment value...

THREE years ago Lfc were CHASING FIRST (1st) place ...  last season were in 2 finals... and yet failing to get to any finals and struggling to make 4th place is not such a big progress....although succesful games against the other teams in the top 7 made us "feel" like champion challengers from time to time..

It worries me how a smiling Juergen so easily distributes the "club spiel"  on and of the field of play...

I need to see Lfc win a trophy (only ONE success in 10 SEASONS of USAcorp) means I wont get "excited" by mere european qualification... 

wild statements about 200 Million GBP being spent, will cause me to observe and wonder how much the "net" will be... considering there was no "net spend" by Lfc last year.

Lfc need to make better decisions in the coming months.. if we are to avoid ANOTHER repeat  of the "we will be better next year mantra" this time next year!


Obviously we send CONGRATULATIONS to Rafa Benitez for winning the championship with Newcastle.... not only that but continuation of his and his family supporting charity events in Liverpool and elsewhere....

Good on you , Rafa, also he is running in a Liverpool charity event..!
 photo in total eclipse of the S*n.

Ian Roberts
May 14 at 2:22pm
Today is a charity run for the 96
.....Random.... REdNET
Bootroom opinion & comment
 posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.


10 years LUCAS /...vastly under-rated and back in form very effective (if he could shoot Hendo wouldnt be missed!) .as stated " first to take the blame, last to complain" should have got a testimonial from the tight a&&ed f s g boardroom.. ...
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Ian Roberts
May 16 at 2:10pm
Our BLUE BROTHER Gary Horrigan
Proving once again this campaign doesn't were colours it's about
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Harvey Tuttle
May 12 at 4:17pm

at least we questioned Lfc back last autumn...
  in Formby Junior Sports Club.

Tina Hamilton
May 12 at 1:30pm
Don't forget folks FREE ENTRY for the Everton ladies v Watford this Sunday at Goodison Park just say your a sister club Formby Junior Sports Club and everyone will get in for free

different..from the editor... 

posted in Black sheep & Monty - knee-GRINS.


May 19 at 1:57pm
"observing the mainscream"

its a strange planet,
60 people lost on a plane
crash occupies the main
SCREAM news all day,,,

but all you do is play
thousands of kids are dying
(and parents crying)
daily because you cant stop the madness,
if only the rich wanted less

starving, disease or drowning
I look in my mirror , and I get old by frowning
tryng to get to somewhere else
(where U are building walls to keep them out!)
i just want to stand by your ear and shout

,,"EVIL is winning and most of yousheeple just stare"
(*, at me ..)
are you really so unaware?

or just "careless".....?

ChriS SMITH 19th May 2016

and for Lfc fans ..& Herr Klopp..

" I'm a Loser baby"

but no one will kill you
2 finals but no medals
look good on tv
entertaining the media ,
being witty ,and earthy I see

so Henrys Linda sends a message
bet she never slept on in a station
following the team
do I seem so mean?


i never was that type ,
But, I am tired of the hype
of the rich club
and heres the rub

They took the Anfield Kop
and sold it , Herr Klopp
now they make profit
in the pockets of that infesting g*t

I cant stand all the Bull sh&t..

so today I listen as they my house
most understand what it means to be "scouse"
laughing at my Liverpool flag
Feck them, but its a drag....

Celebrated the loss last night
with a couple of locals, avoided a fight
came home with headache
and thought "I could be dead" ,,instead I am awake!


ChriS SMITH 160518

(i just wrote this "stuff" in the last 10 mins , ha ha , I am most creative when "dark")

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