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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Post easter, pre Palace .... anti-infestors, the Team and REdNET "bootroom" Mentality

Last weekend significant being denoted as "easter" and the anniversary of  the  state assisted MURDER of 96 of ours... is covered by previous log @ /sorry-there-is-no-justice-for-96   on the 15th April          
is an emotional time for any TRUE RED going back to 1989 ...and especially my generation added to my meningitis induced COMA which "killed me" on the 15th April 1995...  it obviously raises awareness...and questions the current status of Liverpool football club,  that used to be "ours" but now is "theirs...

and therefore i feel I should emphasise the feelings I attempt to explain in rednet-mentality-red-soul-versus-too
and the consequences of honest challenge to the "USAcorp infestors"  

Modern fans were not fortunate enough to experience decades of supporting socialist Liverpool, and have been sold on the "moneybollox" policies that are not honesly respectful of our (Shanks) Liverpool ways...

a MIST that covers up the truth?
some fans are so "convinced" by the USAcorp policies (policies similar to those who falsify evidence, and manipulate news reports that bring good men and women into war torn conflicts abroad,  pollute the land , air , water and minds of children and teach the world to follow material success instead of moral responsibility, with decades of false media and who (contrary to civil liabilities my parents generation fought to achieve)  vilify anyone who dares to oppose them.

and I do, at cost...


during the last year various members shared several REDNET articles that were then published & discussed on an Lfc group and had, so it seemed a reasonable relation with their chief administrator (Stuart G) until a Rednet member crossed a different admin who is also administor  of A DIFFERENT group, who was openly pro-H enry (f s g) ...
despite recent upsurge of anti - infestor feelings amongst fans,, (for other reasons than Rednet have campaigned for) ... and I make the comment that "winning games" doesnt change MY opinion...

 Then, I was informed about this "Lfc fan" a possible "mole" for the infestors , 

having been a professional strategic manager in my early years I had dealings with many in the USA/UK/EU on security matters , who were not exactly acting in the public interest, commonly placed "reps" (not as dramatic as 007!) 
Craig isn't a REAL secret agent, btw! :)

in organisations,parties, groups or institutions that might have or potentially could oppose their power base.  

Lfc , after NESV infiltrated it, with Directors (inc Chang who threatened dissident fans) moved even further away from its socialist origins, my own membership of the official supporters club being cancelled mid-term for daring to question "USAcorp policies of Henry-Werner & co" ... as I didnt "give up" on supporters ownership issues after the (false) sale between G & H/NESV  (and this didnt help ...announcement-supporters-union-formed )

so , take care... if you dare...

Shanks and the "bootroom dynasty"  Bob, Joe , & Rueben, would have NOTHING to do with the "toffs" of the modern Lfc / USAcorp boardroom or their posing wives ... take note Linda, sorry, but , a true RED does NOT think you are important enough to insult, and we all know how the USAcorp pop-media can fake news and exagerate situations to distract the people from the MAIN issues .. (that your hubby and co are hedge funds sharks, your politicians liars beyond the ridiculous... and your national business interest is to "make" war... and profit from misery.) 

and if thatchers clone UK Prime minister may (another b&tch) reads our log, she might be " insulted" by  this 
thanks "Jonathan Pie"  :)


PRE Palace (H) review of the team 


I am not a "Kloppite"  but I tend to like JK, but not always his selections or substitutes, HOWEVER, I was impressed with the professional result @ WBA,  and that LUCAS was given his "best position" in front of the defence ,

 another under-rated and IMO much more important decision or performance than Can.  For me, Lucas should have been an AUTOMATIC replacement for Hendo,  I think its a weakness of JK that he seems to "favour " Can , even when off form,

I feel that considering the amount of games Hendo has missed, and the understanding LUCAS has with Phil & Firm, plus his experience is  FAR greater than 
any other member of a young squad , as far as the LIVERPOOL way is concerned and with Milly brings a  "solid" , reliable & competitive Spirit  into the team, 

simply put, in the recent derby and the game at WBA, he  "put it about" ..  he has the MENTALITY 
some of the more "gifted " players often lack..


Miss you , Pepe!
agree has shown a more mature aspect, and if he continues to improve, his command of the box,  he came out punching at WBA, which nulified a typical Pulis tactic, at crosses, free kicks and corners.. then (despite my hankering for returning Reina) it may not  necessitate a replacement goalie, for me, I would rather have Ward, than young Karius as 2nd choice goalie..


 hasnt shown consistency and courage of pre-xmas, but neither has the team, works the flanks, defensively sound, but height a concern with defending crosses (another reason Mign must improve) when on form is one of the best full/wing backs, in the league, especially when crossing first time, however, too many times, slows down a move when I first time cross into the pen area is more dangerous (& has assisted goals when he does this)


classy on the ball, i like when he makes forward runs,
 and joins attacking moves, as it can unsettle opposing defences, some of his back passes can be loose, and needs a solid aggressive physical CB alongside him.  looks good when cleaning up after .. I feel he also benefits from having Hendo or Lucas filtering onrushing forwards.  Needs to win more balls / goals from corners


I dont know why some fans are in a hurry to replace the lad, in most games he does the job, attacking the ball and dealing with opposing target-men.  Concerns me that he seems to drop out of a few games for minor ailments, as GOOD CB partnerships are like gold dust, would like Dejan, also, to score more headers from Lfc free kicks & corners..


100% effort, never shirks responsibility , even when off form, puts in a shift,  he "isnt a left back"  doesnt matter , because his all round permance makes sense of his selection, however, some CB uncertainty can lead him to come too close inside,thus opposign forwards may have drifted into space on his flank. Stevie G is the only taker who instills more certainty that a Penalty will be converted,


We know what he is capable of, and his leadership has been missed during several games when the team collapsed, work rate and that goal at Chelski and box to box performances when he is on his game  are not always appreciated, no one cane replace Gerrard, but Hendo is a good all round performer.


For me, over-rated,  from time to time and in the last couple of games has started to "put it about"  but far too clumsy in the tackle, and for example gave away a free kick just in front of pen area at WBA with a stupid tackle, and could have converted a head-high cross, instead fouled their goalie with "foot up" ... passing can be brilliant , but too often loose, and is for me a competent squad player, not (yet) a regular for automatic selction!  (mind you he is a fav of JK!)


Classy midfielder, and link up man, who is looking more and more a Liverpool midfielder, and a regular selection,  can make the simple or cutting pass, consistently, i am not sure of his mentality when the game must be fought for, if he toughens up, and increases the work load AND gets on the end of moves more often, he could be as important as "TERRY MAC" was ..!


Could, I repeat, could, become a top (even "world class") player, if he overcomes the physical aspect that all top players must deal with (Suarez was never injured)  has all the skills, dribbling , shooting passing & vision to create, join and finish cutting moves and I noticed also in the last game, was also shutting down opponents as he used to,  he needs to show more when the going is tough, but so entertainign and Vital when on his game.


"Money"  I am still not sure about this player, at times can do it all, and be a match winner, his pace and strength on the ball, impressive, however, disappears from time to time,  could become vital, and was missed in january,  when the attack is motivated Lfc are the most dangerous attackign force in the country,  a bit more consistency as part of the team, and .... everything is possible with the lad.


One of  Klopps boys,  is currently injured (thats thanks to eng-ur-lund) intelligent player, brings energy to the game, pressing , skill on the ball, passing, and is shooting more, and apart from his silly beard, looks the part, reminds me a bit of the under-rated Cormack of the '70s. starts or  links up moves so well when in his best position.  valuable player for Klopps style of "full throttle" footy.

"the Firm"

Robert, ("Bobby") is probably the most under-rated forward in the league, puts in a shift, and if he was as pacey & good a finisher, I could say he is as important as Rush once was,  fits the plan perfectly, pressing defenders,even tackling, is not only vital to th attacking force as a centre pin,  but is also the first defender, which is one of the reasons JK tends to  " neglect"  SOME defensive concerns in his teams,  can hold the ball up, skill on the ball, in tight areas, SO good,  can shoot with both feet,  although not always on target. Impressed.


Still young, yet starting to get last seasons form back after a terrible tackle cost him progress, he showd his ability as a target man, in the temporary change in Lfc team formation,  would like to see him run at players more, as he did with confidence at WBA and he is tall & can head the ball..cleanly, so should do more at corners IMO. 


its a shame, really dont wish to comment that much,  its all been said, if he can shake off his injury curse, i wonder if he can recapture his form of 3 years ago, so talented , excellent finsiher, but perhaps " too cool " ? ... needs to sort himself out, 
Harry Kewell???


Grujic, Trent, Woody, Ojo etc (& what is with Gomez??) for me, none  of the lads are "ready" to challenge for first team places... there looks to be a lot of talent at Lfc,  but .....we shall see if they can truly challenge for a regular position in the first team.  on a personal note IT REALLY worries me that since Kelly, I havent seen ONE  CB/DM come through worthy of the name, since Rafa & Rudolfo were at the club..

 V Palace...

 English Premier League at Anfield



Crystal Palace

enough been said about Sakho, (and whatever is true, the manager must stand by decisions) Benteke, could have been kept, will test the Lfc defence if given space and service.  .....

I see no reason why JK would change the Liverpool team.. unless there are injuries in training, as Lalla and Hendo are expected to return to training, may be available for the following fixture, but probably not on sunday, 

the Liverpool team need to "get at" Palace, we are overdue a good and convincing performance against "fat sam's team" (and his big head)  :)

 remaining matches this season:

• Liverpool v Crystal Palace - Sunday 23 April, 4:30pm | Live on Sky Sports 📺
• Watford v Liverpool - Monday 1 May, 8pm | Live on Sky Sports 📺
• Liverpool v Southampton - Sunday 7 May, 1:30pm | Live on Sky Sports 📺
• West Ham v Liverpool - Sunday 14 May, 2:15pm | Live on Sky Sports 📺
• Liverpool v Middlesbrough - Sunday 21 May, 3pm



posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.

Christopher Richard Smith
April 18 at 4:02pm
We speak with an accent exceedingly rare;
. If you want a cathedral,

we've got one to spare, in my Liverpool home."

Back in the Forties the world it went mad,
and Hitler he threw at us all that he had.
When the smoke and the dust had all cleared from the air,
"Thank God," said my old man," the Pier Head's still there."

Over at Anfield* the shirts they are red. *LIVERPOOL.
And the players play football as though they were dead.
While over at Goodison* the shirts they are blue, *EVERTON.
and the football they play is fantastic to view.

If it's football you're wanting, the team at the top,
is the team that they're singing about in the Kop;
this city has got two great teams it deserves;
Liverpool ... First Team, and Liverpool Reserves.

I took a walk along Lime Street one day,
I saw a "Young lady" a-heading my way;
"Have you got the right time, love", says I to the lass,
She said, "I've got the time, Jack, if you've got the brass."

When I grew up, I met Bridget Mc Cann;
she said, "You're not much, but I'm needing a man;
I want sixteen kids, and a house out in Speke;
well, the flesh it was willing, but the spirit was weak.

Walton Gaol is the place for a quiet week-end.
Climb over the wall, and you'll meet all your friends.
You can sit and watch telly, drink whisky and beer
and chalk on the prison walls; "Kilroy was here".

We've got wide open spaces like the Wavertree Park,
where it's unsafe by daylight and more so by dark
We've got places of culture like Dingle and Speke,
where they play "tick" with hatchets, and fight with their feet.

We've got romantic places like the Cast-Iron Shore,
where you can find someone else's back door,
We had John, we had George, Ringo and Paul,
the Liverpool Spinners, and the St George's Hall.

Way out in Kirkby, the kids they wear clogs,
there's eight million kids there's ten million dogs.
They play "tick" with hatchets, I tell you no lie,
and they call you a "cissy" if you've more than one eye.

When my last whistle blows & the "Ref Up There" says;
"You've supped your last Guinness,lad, it's the end of your days,"
Take my ashes to Old Trafford and spread them around,
and they won't win a match while I'm haunting the ground"    _________________________________
REDnet BOOTROOM snips... 
and random opinion;
 posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.

April 18 at 9:23am

Tomkins used be brave .....
but like TAW & TIA , echo and of course LfcTV , he is just another "tool" of USAcorp

"the most intelligent guide to Lfc around,... " is SQUARE!
 posted in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global.

Chris >
April 14 at 3:16pm
was censored!!

 Kathryn Spencer posted in You'll never walk alone and Justice For The 96.

MOLE Mullen
April 14 at 7:32pm
Liverpool have made £50m-rated Virgil van Dijk top target for summer📌 [Tony Barrett, Dom King, Paul Joyce]
 Dawn> Lfc have ":challenged" ,,,, many transfers recently ???? :p
 commented on your post in LFC STRAIGHT OUTTA LIVERPOOL.
David Power
David Power10:48am Apr 13
next season something will have to show as regards silverware,klopp for now has gotten out of jail somewhat.400 million being rumoured to be on offer in the summer,again whoever we get we need a title chasing side.klopp isnt beyond criticism either,but next season chris will have to show success in my view.
 @RedAlieNeT @harveytuttle @TonyEvans92a Lfc-USAcorp poison in our club, financial sharks, Chang, & now this, wake up supporters! #USAcorpOUT

Dawn Crvena and Harvey Tuttle posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.
Dawn Crvena
April 12 at 8:49pm
what a mess ..our club had become. one set of sharks loaded it with debt , another got it as a decision made between a chelski chairman , a backstabber and a yes man (who was "interested" i the other bidder, all decided by someone who thinks the club revolves around having a decent stadium.(for the corporates) .. what a load of .... any wonder why after a decade of this Lfc have no significant success?

 Steven Gerrard could feature in a cameo role in Liverpool’s post-season friendly in Sydney, Australia on May 24th.
It is expected he'll be joined by Jamie Carragher & Steve McManaman.
[ Dominic King)


Chris >
April 12 at 6:50pm
fan nies like to state what we already know? I think Jk must have had a big night out on the town the night before selecting that team at Stoke, , but of course FSG;s clones and aplogists make him out to be a genius and them to be saviours, they aren't, they are backed by billionaire financial sharks who dint know and care little about football

Carra was attacking the arsenal this week for being content with champions league qualification and the team collapsing, er... look at Lfc! ... fans have had their expectations "managed" by Lfctv, echo and local media (inc TIA & TAW) since a decade.

The few "world class" players, that are clearly better than existing Lfc players are getting fewer & fewer, as each season passes, therefore f s g & Jk can excuse the situation by the demands of "not so great" potential signings by rightly stating that the demands are unrealistic, sadly the damage done to Lfc was mostly done BEFORE KLopp...

We had a lot of young talent in the club, at the time when Rafa, Kenny, Mac & Rudolfo were there, the massive turnover of players and staff since then could take another decade to repair, it could be sooner IF players such as Sanchez could be slotted into a progressive and gradual introduction of young players,..

I am not convinced Juergen has the power or ability to make demands & decisions on new players , if a TRUE "gem" who could make a difference..

i am hopeful with Stevie managing the U18s , but not about the boardroom, and most fans are clueless and easily fooled, and on social media its clear to see how many are conned into the "next season mantra" despite a decade of next to nothing...

the other problem... is that few people are honest or intelligent enough to admit they were and are wrong about the "infestors"



 @kennethdalglish @EuRED09 sorry Kenneth, respect, but dont agree, govt still lie & cheat our people, football world is corrupt, & no one is ever compensated!
 posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.

Harvey Tuttle
April 15 at 3:06pm


Chris >
15 April at 13:43

event in AEFAN ; Alternative European Football ASSOCIATIVE NETWORK.

Christopher Richard Smith
April 14 at 9:06am


 imagine....if there is intelligent life on this planet? .........

..... :p…/renovation-mission.html

instead your governments arrest any one who questions their stupidity!

 posted in Black sheep & Monty - knee-GRINS.

15 April at 12:23
to "supertrump" and all their presidents of the last 50 years, the #ameriCANTS, the UK thatcher cone May & mad boris, and today especially feck the english football association, the sheffield police and stadium managers, and him at the scum media!

remember the 96 on 15th april,

j4t96 = Justice for all!

Harvey Tuttle
Harvey Tuttle6:45pm Mar 28

YET ANOTHER bogus attack and justification for playing "john wayne"

..but its not funny,

if it was YOUR family, your wife, your husband, your kids or neighbours & friends killed , maimed or made migrant to keep national or new world order power pyramid s "image"

based on nothing but "fake"

the power brokers love the sheeple, because YOU fund the monster, participation in electing oNE LIAR after another,

without property investment there would be NO inflation or cost of living stress
without your TAX money , there would be no WAR, and next time a "leader" tells you there is an enemy, send him or her to the front of the battle then see how many "wars" would end..


the ameriCANTS must be the most STUPID & IGNORANT sheeple of the universe!


  Apr 16
Anyone else deeply concerned about 24,000 nursing vacancies unfilled and a further cut in real-term pay is coming?
who voted for this fascist UK govt ?


Harvey Tuttle
13 April at 14:36

 The travelling Kop in Rome in 1984

Young Scousers in Trafalgar Square London before the 1965 FA Cup Final.

Pre V geordies rant, should be "SAS 2" ..have a bevvy Stevie lad..

 Iago Aspas has scored 23 goals for Celta Vigo this season.

He scored just once for Liverpool. 😳



  2. There’s a growing trend of global apparel companies adopting supply chain transparency. It starts with these companies publishing the names, addresses, and other important information about the factories manufacturing their branded products.

    This is a powerful tool for promoting garment workers’ rights. When tragedy strikes, as it did four years ago when Bangladesh's Rana Plaza building collapsed and killed over 1,100 garment workers, advocates and consumers should know whose clothes are being made where.

    More companies should follow this trend and #GoTransparent. A new campaign asks five of them - Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Walmart, Primark, and Armani - to do just that. They know where the clothes they sell come from. But we don't. Let's change that.

  3. "EASTER" .....on the 15th april 1989, 96 members of my LIVERPOOL family were killed as a result of state policy (Thatcher) english Football association and Stadium mis-management & neglect and inhumane police... J4t96

    if that isnt enough (itis) to have this date engraved on my heart , on the 15th April 1995, (6 years after) I went into a meningitis - induced COMA....

    and surprisingly woke up ONE wek later, a "miracle" considering i was "written off" ... but with fresh eyes and mind saw that almost everything about the way people mistreat this planet and each other, the stupidity of the "system" and the lack of social care for each other, I came to the conclusion I was cursed , too,

    as if i was alien amongst several billion sheeple with greedy wolves as their masters..

    ChriS 170415