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Monday, April 10, 2017

Sorry, there is NO JUSTICE for the 96, or anybody, anywhere, plus REDnet update....

the 15th of april , again happens to coincide with "easter"  the "holy" weekend which is based on the crucification of Jesus Christ... 

Part of that story is how he is wrongly accused ... nothing much has changed except the system has now media to do its dirty work and those behind it do not ever wash their hands of the blood..

In these days , after arguably 50 years of false media, fake news and corrupt society, when the most powerful warrior government ignore all international laws and convention and kills MORE civilians than the unverified "terror network " and tells MORE lies about the "justification"  who will bring anyone to "Justice"  ..NO ONE...

THE UN is too weak and mostly influenced into doing what the USA want, EU full of fascists and liars too.

The UK serve  an unelected Thatcher Clone and "Mad Boris"  are just USA version 2.0b..

despite the Tory government accepting the claims of the J4t96 campaign

,......  no one has been brought to justice and nor will they, 28 years after, ..

Thatcher is dead, yeah we had a party!,,

the Scum journos go on...

the stadium officials ...and police walk freely and some even compensated for their "stress" 

the ENGLISH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION officials who chose the Leppings lane end for the massive Red support..not even brought to answer,...

the media have been FAKE since forever, people act as if this is new...

 sponsors and propaganda influences , and reporters are simply bad..  or simply too weak to stand up for truth and Justice...

btw  the face book, (fake book) fact checkers are themselves.... yes , FAKE!!

more at  REdNET.Sclog

and I died in coma of 15th april 1995

it was sunny this morning,,, but immediately i started posting about the 96, .... it started raining
Never give up on 96!
J4t96 = Justice for all!

  " Police chief Duckenfield lied about the actions of Liverpool fans at Hillsborough, the victims of the disaster were dehumanised.

Tested for alcohol, regardless of age. Smeared as 'yobs', 'louts' and 'hooligans'. Presented as a homogenous feral mas
s – a lawless ticketless tribe.

We knew different. We always knew different. And now everyone knows different.

But now, 28 years on, and on every anniversary, we should remember the individuals. We talk of 'The 96'. But they are not just 'The 96'. They are mums and dads. Teenagers. A 10-year-old boy. A 67-year-old man. Sisters. Brothers. Colleagues. Mates.

People with plans. To get married. To have children. To start a new job.

Liverpool supporters, music fans and animal lovers. Craftsmen. Talented sportsmen. Potential writers. Would-be artists.

Every single person special to someone. A life wasted. A life taken away for no good reason.

Remember each one. Remember their story. Remember what happened. We know the truth, the truth is ours now. We want justice.

This is for each and every one. Just part of each of their stories. ield lied about the actions of Liverpool fans at Hillsborough, the victims of the disaster were dehumanised.

Tested for alcohol, regardless of age. Smeared as 'yobs', 'louts' and 'hooligans'. Presented as a homogenous feral mass – a lawless ticketless tribe.

We knew different. We always knew different. And now everyone knows different.

But now, 28 years on, and on every anniversary, we should remember the individuals. We talk of 'The 96'. But they are not just 'The 96'. They are mums and dads. Teenagers. A 10-year-old boy. A 67-year-old man. Sisters. Brothers. Colleagues. Mates.

People with plans. To get married. To have children. To start a new job.

Liverpool supporters, music fans and animal lovers. Craftsmen. Talented sportsmen. Potential writers. Would-be artists.

Every single person special to someone. A life wasted. A life taken away for no good reason.

Remember each one. Remember their story. Remember what happened. We know the truth, the truth is ours now. We want justice.

This is for each and every one. Just part of each of their stories. "


15th APRIL 1989
by S Lane

"Matchday is here ma" I wake and give a shout!,
She smiles at me gently as she quietly shuffles about!,
My woollen scarf around my neck, I put on my Liverpool top!,
My heart is jumping around with joy, I'm afraid it may well stop!,
The semi final countdown is on, how will our Redmen play!,
3 o clock is kick off time, please god let not delay!,
Merseyside's buzzing with excitement today, there's plenty of banter and chat!,
I've got to get going as quick as I can, I can't find my lucky red hat?,
I smile at my ma and give her a kiss as I pass by her at the door!,,
"I will be home by six I hope", I'll fill you in on the score,
"Be careful my darling" she cries after me, she's trying to make a fuss!,
I can't really stop to answer her plea, I've got to go catch my bus!,
The streets are awash with colour and sound, alive with red white and gold!,
While hats scarves and liverpool flags by local vendors are sold!,
Da would have loved to see all of this, he loved the buzz of a game!,
Since passing away the winter before, its never quite felt the same!,
We board our buses and take our seats, the famous Kopites on tour!,
We're Sheffield bound to back our boy's, God only knows what's in store!,
The craic on the journey is mighty indeed, such banter can never be wrong!,
Our supporters tell tales of away day exploits and sing our world famous song!,
The journey is quick, the spirits are high...we reach the ground in good cheer!,
The crowds are building up nicely by now as the bus driver tells us we're here!,
The cup Semi-finals back in the day was really hard to beat!,
Once we dismounted and got off the bus we move on up the street!,
The fans are all arriving by now, the build up is certainly great!,
No trouble or messing just banter galore as I meet up with my mate!,
The crowds are building around the turnstiles, I notice as I go!,
I need directions to our stand, a policeman surely will know!,
So many people about me by now I can barely keep tabs on my friend!,,
So I make my way down to take up my place at the famed Leppings Lane end!,,
It's still fairly early when I enter the Penn, I make my way down to the front!,
Should've went to the bookies outside and had myself a wee punt!,
Kick offs fast approaching now the supporters are still piling in!,
The atmosphere's tense, I feel it somehow, but we just want the game to begin ,
I'm struggling to locate my friend in the crowd, this doesn't make much sense!,
Who puts iron cages on stands and says they are a fence!,
I can't seem to move my arms about as the teams are all coming on!,
I try to cheer as loud as I can but my words they simply are gone!,
Something's terribly wrong I fear, I feel it in my chest,
My joy turns to horror as the pressure builds up, I'm simply doing my best!,
to move my body up or down or even left or right!,
Two young girls faces next to me fills my heart with fright!,
The games just kicking off by now but joy it can't be found!,
In the Leppings Lane end at Hillsborough, where strangely there is no sound!,,
The fences are straining and creaking by now, the screams are getting thick!,
I spot a young boy scared and alone, climbing must be the trick!,
With all I have left and struggling to breathe I lift the boy up high!,
He scrambles to safety up over the fence, thank God the young lad won't die!,
Stewards and supporters are quick to react, they rush in to give us aid!,
Supporters are dying all round me by now, clearly an error was made!,
I still can't move, I'm feeling quite weak.. now the pain is intense!,
But at least my fellow supporters have torn down that God awful fence!,
Finally the pain it eases for me, for this I surely am glad!,
A hand reaches out to help me out....i'm pleased to see my dad.....



  1. hello Nina,, ok....PLEASE dont read this quickly,,, please... wait,,, Nina, dont read this until you have enough time for me...

    A problem of communicating with english speakers, is that I "expect" understanding, but..
    often people do NOT GET the "nuance: (feeling) of what I want to convey..
    I decided to write this, rather than "carry it" until you are "free to communicate"
    I understand your life... you dont know me...
    I was a bit sad last night when there was no message (other than Laku noc) from you...

    I understand your life , its opposite to mine..
    you dont say if you want to know me, I want to know you.. BUT..

    I am a TRUE spiritual and sensitive being, I reflect , although strong what goes on
    in this world and in the people..

    WE / the boyz (MREDS) LOST BADLY yesterday, and although my mood wasn't greatly affected
    it was balanced by a "surprise" 3 points at Stoke..

    I am not a "Kloppite" I stated when he joined Lfc, a) he is an employee of USAcorp
    b) he is too similar to BR , a german version who won the german league bur I dont consider that "great" but i like him..but not as MY manager....

    also I have some bias..I lived with germans more than 10 years, and know them..
    my parents suffered from WW2 .. and i grew up with that and overcome the aftermath
    yet, found that my mothers hatred had some justification when I lived with them
    I made 54 valid complaints at the ECHR (Strasborg) against german officials & civilians.

    Its also a VERY emotional week, coming ,,,and i can feel it..already

    96 of my RED brothers and sisters were legally murdered by the state on 15th april 1989 (EASTER)
    and no one has OR WILL BE , brought to justice for that, it burns in me,
    and selfishly I was lucky because "normally" i would have been in the middle of that, but
    i was away in europe on business, that afternoon will always haunt me (like Heysell too)


    on 15th April 1995 (Easter) i went into coma, and woke up one week after, my life changed forever.

    This coming weekend.. is easter..again...

    anyway..The boys lost badly, although ours is a youth team, its a league for adult teams too,
    we had 2 of our players withdraw, last minute, so I played a whole game , for the first time
    in 6 months,, and i am drained,, and I had problems to motivate my team, and play..well enough.

  2. so right now, as i write, and i would have loved to have exchanged with you last night or today
    i am empty, physically and emotionally drained... it will come back...


    I want/need you to know,, I realize we are different, I am "odd" maverick, rebel , alien..."loner"
    its a consequence of my life &location that changed so often that no one knows, me,
    and probably that will stay like it, because to know me , someone would have to stay with me
    a while at least, even the lovely Jacqui, my wife who died in 2005 (at the same time as "miracle of Istanbul") , didnt know me after 12 years married,

    so what chance has anyone got?
    why would YOU bother, when u have many other friends to keep you smiling..?

    because I am worth it...but you may never know it.. ��

    so, I am over-explaining this,,,because of language,,,to be clear..
    I know its unlikely that you will accept my invite, and its likely that you will communicate less
    (because you have all those friends and Babsy biz) my life is Solo,, i "make" things happen
    because i never was anywhere long enough to build a local network, and now, I am SO different
    i am also not interested in "small polite chatter"..

    ha ha.. i have to laugh at myself, "the silver surfer" living a contradiction..

    IF you spend enough time reading the CONFIDENTUAL link i gave you, and IF you understood it,
    and even IF you understand this last message, you are probably too wise.. to change

    take care

  3. thanx for the long and good writing, as I have tol you I do have many peoples in my life - some of then are just like u say for an small polite chatt, and some are way more important to me... many peoples look up to me because theyre so low themself and I do spen a lot of time on them because I fell that thisnis my "way of life" its a call I fell al the time ...

    I do understand that u have suffer alot in your life and that u still have issues to work with because og this - and you have "solved" it with beeing an alien or a loner as you say ..... but this is your way of life, u ca change it but you have to thnik like "this is the first day of the rest of your life" - not easy for me to explain in English, because my english is not THAT good all the time - I struggeligt to fint the right words sometime...but atill hope u understand it...

    about the 96 - I wa snot there and I have nor fellt it the "same way" as you, but I can fell the pain and before every game i do koss the badge and look up to the sealing og sky and say "justis for the 96" - I have to becuase..... I dont know why ... its just a woise inside me saying so I belive.....

    Some days I also have bad days - felling alone ...even thoug I have alot of close friends here, but I do need alot of "alonetime" ...I need to fell alone and I really dont know whi its like that - but I belive everyone is like that - but not everyone is able to say it out load....

    I am happy to hear that you played football again, thats away of comming back to life .... breaking some "barrieres"

    you say you are not intreseesd in small polite chatt - what are you looking for then ?? a deeper conversation ...ok, but for what reason ?? just to make your day go by because you dont have anyone around you ?? this might sound like a strange question, but it is not easy to explain the question without seeming a bit "hard" ...belive me its not meent like that .... just currious ��
    I do understand everytjing in the link you send me...what I dont know ( understand) is how me reading and understand this I will make a change in your life....... argh....cant ecplain what I mean here now... now I just get frustratd here ....offf.... argh...
    and the game last night made us fell like sooo down at first to so higt at the end - I was saying from the start tah I do belive this is a clever strategi from Klopp, to play the young lads at first then to put in Coutinho and Firmino at last when we had "outrun" the Stoke players at first �� we needed those 3 poingt ...and I do have faith in the 3 og 4th plase this year ❤
    and I do have a few more questions for you ��

    have you ever think about going back to England again ?

    do you "like" to be a looner ( alien) or do you want "out of it"

    do you still have contact with your family og have you choose not to ? ( u know , family is bid nor the closest one)
    sorry for al the wrong spelling, sometimes I just write to quick to se the mistakes in the thins I write.... u know ..I do have this ADHD ( have u heard about it ) so sometimes I have like 10 000 words ready in my head - wanting to came out in one time....
    and now I am writing way to much "babbeling" , I am afraid to scear you away �� but this is who I am


  4. 12:58am
    i hope you are sleeping.. I am not jealous of your life, I appreciate your situation, i just tell you how i feel...
    I dont have "issues" I dont look for sympathy, only would like someone who cares,
    who takes the time to know me,, BUT I dont expect that will happen, but hope..some day,
    I deal with life as it comes to me, i will survive , always.. i am too strong..
    I know very well how to make something new and positive in my life every day, I said that to you already.
    before as i told you that I do something positive,every day
    I dont looK for your sympathy...
    and I explained that because i cheated death I make every day count as important, that also means i am impatient!
    playing again is both good and bad, as I told the booys they are lucky because they have many gamnes ahead and their muscles can recover quicker than mine, and my mind works quicker than my legs now,. ha ha ha
    deeper conversatio brings understanding..?? dont you agree? you must not be afraid ..
    a true freind will challenge me, question me, BUT BE there by my side when there is adversity..
    I am not "looking" ,,, I am just being honest, and the funny thing is how being honest makes you uncomfortable? I have a lot of energy , an ocean of love in me, but i wont "give it away cheap" ��
    I am original red, during my hard core supporting time we won 13 leagues and 4 times european champions,
    I cant accept anything less... and I hate the reasons, because of money.. Lfc is different ...
    I feel Juergen was lucky... very wrong, but very lucky

    sure I think about LIVERPOOL, not england, because that is not english ,
    I love its Celt culture, but the society has been suffocated by commercialism,
    it is prettier now but does not have the socialist heart of my youth..
    and NO, I dont believe in going backwards... I always look forwards,
    but I am "at home" wherever I am ....
    I am Chris, i am me, i will be honest, sure I enjoy being who i am ...
    do I have room for another partner? >,,, that depends,,, �� the door is open ...
    but explain what you mean by "out of it" ?
    my family is no more, gone, there is no one...just me I am the "survivor"
    my parents died a long time ago, &
    I think I told you, MY wife and sister died young , my son died , and the other childten stolen
    I have many stories to tell, to someone who listens..
    haha how could a girl like you SCARE me,? I have ridden through hell too many times, its nothing..
    sure i can be hurt, but
    the only thing that worries me is mis-understanding, and that why I told you not to read it until you REALLY have the time to absorb..

    when you slow down.,
    maybe you will start( and i mean ONLY start) to understand who I am , and what I would like..
    dont run away
    goodnight Nina
    Chris x
    shut up now..
    and read S L O W L Y ...

    Will tead and answer you tomorrow Chris ...sooo sleepy now ������

  5. Chris > audiences have responded to this film by connecting Roberts’ character to various political figures, such as George H. W. Bush and Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, Robbins has said that the film related more to the political system in general than any specific politician. " ....

    or TWENTY FIVE YEARS LATER... ANY FECKING A&&HOLE IN POLITICS, BUSINESS OR MEDIA.. if you find one who isn't , let me know and I will send him/her a certificate .. )Bob Roberts film_ _) The film ends with a radio news report about Raplin's death at the hands of a right-wing fanatic and a shot of Manchester standing in the Jefferson Memorial, looking at the words, "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man", inscribed there. "

  6. 170411

    oh dear Nina, how sad you do not!
    I never NEVER asked you to talk "every day" but i have asked for more than blah, blah blah,
    and I dont want to be :another " face book Fast food contact " I said that in my first message..
    as the words from the song "honesty" are so true...

    you have not the time or inclinitaion to be my friend then I respect that
    so dont write " I am afraid to scear you away " because I am not the one who quits,
    it seems that you do.. so enjoy your friends and being babsy..

    IF YOU EVER CHANGE your heart.mind and TRULY want to knwo me, you can visit OR you can communicate
    (properly and carefully) not every day but with respect , and please READ what I sent you before SLOWLY
    if you do , I hope I am still here, if you dotn then we both lose.... C"est la Vie"
    "Slainte" / Cuvaj se / Take care
    be well, be good, adios
    ChriS x

    N> Another bussy day here ... my last visitor just went home .... I feel I have to tell ya stight out that I dont think I can manage to wite you and all others friends ling letters every day .... spesial when u dont want "smal talk" now its up to you we can stay friends sometimes or we can drop it ...I dont like this felling beeing "press" to talk everyday .... I dont have time for it really .....because I do have spend more time to my friends and family and children and my grandchildren .. who are here around me ...befor spending time on internett friends ... can u understand that ...hope so

  7. Birthday greetings Steven,

    and good wishes from "REdS abroad" at


    Stefan Savic stops certain Ronaldo goal with greatest goal line clearance of...


    Stefan Savic stops certain Ronaldo goal with greatest goal line clearance of...

  10. Tributes to Robbie Fowler's dad as Liverpool legend tweets heartbreaking pictur

    Chris> Condolences from "Reds abroad" !


    ChriS-EuRED‏ @EuRED09 now
    Replying to @Andrew_Heaton

    @RedAlieNeT @harveytuttle @TonyEvans92a Lfc-USAcorp poison in our club, financial sharks, Chang, & now this, wake up supporters! #USAcorpOUT

  12. fan nies like to state what we already know? I think Jk must have had a big night out on the town the night before selecting that team at Stoke, , but of course FSG;s clones and aplogists make him out to be a genius and them to be saviours, they aren't, they are backed by billionaire financial sharks who dint know and care little about football

    Carra was attacking the arsenal this week for being content with champions league qualification and the team collapsing, er... look at Lfc! ... fans have had their expectations "managed" by Lfctv, echo and local media (inc TIA & TAW) since a decade.

    The few "world class" players, that are clearly better than existing Lfc players are getting fewer & fewer, as each season passes, therefore f s g & Jk can excuse the situation by the demands of "not so great" potential signings by rightly stating that the demands are unrealistic, sadly the damage done to Lfc was mostly done BEFORE KLopp...

    We had a lot of young talent in the club, at the time when Rafa, Kenny, Mac & Rudolfo were there, the massive turnover of players and staff since then could take another decade to repair, it could be sooner IF players such as Sanchez could be slotted into a progressive and gradual introduction of young players,..

    I am not convinced Juergen has the power or ability to make demands & decisions on new players , if a TRUE "gem" who could make a difference..

    i am hopeful with Stevie managing the U18s , but not about the boardroom, and most fans are clueless and easily fooled, and on social media its clear to see how many are conned into the "next season mantra" despite a decade of next to nothing...

    the other problem... is that few people are honest or intelligent enough to admit they were and are wrong about the "infestors"


  13. posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.

    Dawn Crvena
    April 12 at 8:49pm

    what a mess ..our club had become. one set of sharks loaded it with debt , another got it as a decision made between a chelski chairman , a backstabber and a yes man (who was "interested" i the other bidder, all decided by someone who thinks the club revolves around having a decent stadium.(for the corporates) .. what a load of .... any wonder why after a decade of this Lfc have no significant success?

  14. Harvey Tuttle commented on your post in None of the above.
    Harvey Tuttle
    Harvey Tuttle 6:45pm Mar 28

    YET ANOTHER bogus attack and justification for playing "john wayne"

    ..but its not funny,

    if it was YOUR family, your wife, your husband, your kids or neighbours & friends killed , maimed or made migrant to keep national or new world order power pyramid s "image"

    based on nothing but "fake"

    the power brokers love the sheeple, because YOU fund the monster, participation in electing oNE LIAR after another,

    without property investment there would be NO inflation or cost of living stress
    without your TAX money , there would be no WAR, and next time a "leader" tells you there is an enemy, send him or her to the front of the battle then see how many "wars" would end..


    the ameriCANTS must be the most STUPID & IGNORANT sheeple of the universe!

  15. Christopher Richard Smith shared a link.
    23 hrs

    I know who I support, and that is Rafa, 100% , why should he co-operate with a bucket of scorpions led by a chelski chairman who brought in the worst "manager" (hodgson) in Lfc history.. ?/

    echo isnt wotth the time, never mind paying for "extra " BS

  16. oh Carra,
    when pointing fingers at others, 3 point in your own direction

    Lfc fans are being conditioned to accept CL qualification as a target,

    Lfc teams have collapsed in games too many times, since the days of Rafas Reds
    in the last 7 years the spirit has got weaker and weaker with every season,
    and JK hasn't yet solved that ..

    arsenal are content with top4 (if they can make it) but WE are LIVERPOOL not a northern version of the gooners...


    what happened with Joe? last year JK was promoting the "excellent" Gomez and his name has al but disapeared from mention??



  19. YOU sheeple are lied to EVERY Fecking day and you just swallow it! since then and now.. then you vote another a&&hole into power, whatever fecking flag or "party" they promote ... they are all the same, you get used for them to progress their career or get power on your back.. FFS! WAKE UP ! NOW!

  20. this was blocked by the fecking goons!

  21. 96 of your Red friends & family murdered, by a combination of brutal government policies (b&tch thatcher) sheffield police, stadium management a institution neglect add scum media!! almost 30 years later the same sh&te goes on as you accept their lies day by day!
    your govt, your politicians, are liars, your FA , your police are corrupt =