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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SClog updating REdNET @FB ..swans & shelvey show up BR's weaknesses

  1. REdNeT   v F S G clones & 

    (p.s. another note to BR, when u allowed Pepe to be WRONGLY removed from OUR CLUB, u lost his distribution value, Pepe rarely lost possesion so easily.....) 
    Photo: (p.s. another note to BR, when u allowed Pepe to be WRONGLY removed from OUR CLUB, u lost his distribution value, Pepe rarely lost possesion so easily.....)
  2. Martin Skrtel - 
    Photo: Martin Skrtel - Rate his performance tonight (?/10)


  3. REdNeT shared Suso Fernandez's photo

  4. REdNeT 
    team @ Swansea: Mignolet, Wisdom, Skrtel, Sakho, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Henderson, Coutinho, Moses, Sturridge ; subs: Jones, Toure, Alberto, Aspas, Sterling, Ibe, Kelly
    • REdNeT
      Victor Moses fired a debut goal as Liverpool returned to the top of the Barclays...See More
    • REdNeT I predicated a draw, and was more convinced when saw that (apparently due to a knock) dAgger wasnt paired with Skrtel , causing 2 changes in Lfc defence - IMO BR isnt a defensive tactician ...and throwing Sahko in seemed rash, why not Toure? defendersneed more time to "Gel" 
      Coutinho clattered and subbed - He and Studge are going to be "targeted" this season
      ... Daniel S is scoring every game, but may not always avoid injury, whilst some people are "dishing" Luis, Suarez is rarely out injured a GREAT advantage 
      2-2 and top of the table ..the F S G clones and fannioes wil be wetting themselves
      but none of the 4 "performances" have convinced me...a long way to go and we will see where we are in December, MY hope is that Lucas & SG can carry the team through, as we may be fortunate that the league isnt as strong this season as is past years,,,

  5. REdNeT 
    Justice delayed = JUSTICE DENIED!
    #Police try to keep no publicity on stolen #CCTV from #hillsborough

    Appears CCTV stolen from police evidence - what are they hiding? 

    Photo: #Police try to keep no publicity on stolen #CCTV from #hillsborough

Appears CCTV stolen from police evidence - what are they hiding?


  1. Conversation started Monday
    9/16, 1:19pm
    Charnette Smith

    hi Richard! thanks for your comment on raw for beauty. I do agree that there is a lot of, lets call it cross contamination /pollution which affect products that we consume however, there are also a lot of food safety regulations that help control end product. I am a quality control manager at a large dairy in SA; we test each consignment for hormones, proteien etc etc before it enters the packaging plant. we also have intense external lab testing as well as food safety audits...meaning that in atleast our plant we eliminate atleast any chemical process that may or may not be harmful. the audit criteria is intense and any non conformance is recorded affecting the grading of the organisation. this grading is awarded in certificate form which is presented to our clients such as supermarkets etc etc. they may only purchase from an authenticated wholesaler...I hope this info shed some light as not all of us are sheeple! ...have a great day!
    Christopher Richard Smith

    Charnette, I am against the system, just about all of it, and its sheeple,i will "challenge" all industrial process..u personally probably arent a big problem, my focus today is on getting the USA financial sharks out of our club, and out of media... a part-time distraction from roaming the universe..ha ha ..but i take time out to save the rest of the world when i can.. take care

    p.s. thanks for the reply though..

    one of my many ..."challenges & campaigns"
    SCLOG: SClog updating REdNET @FB ..swans & shelvey show up BR's weaknesses
    - "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!"
    Christopher Richard Smith


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    @thisisanfield @EuRED09 claIMING HE WAS "HONEST" with Pepe..? ??? BS! 04:18 PM - 15 Sep

    REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT @EuRED09…

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    REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
    @JimBoardman @MirrorFootball @EuRED09 how the hell could u exclude Emlyn? best capt ever! & huge RED spirit (Shanks on field!) -drop A.Ken. 11:34 AM - 30 Aug 13

  5. ChriS SmiTH posted in ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

    ChriS SmiTH 10:23am Aug 23
    wake up call ... from

    To obtain at least shared ownership of LFC for Global REdS


    Shanks would be disgusted, by F S G's pollution of OUR CLUB.. ......The route causeis that in 2007 we (the supporters and fans) allowed Hicks in and Henry &co, to fool u twice!!, F S G know no more than the previous about how to manage a UNIQUE club culture as LIVERPOOL.

    you blame Kenny , BUT Rafa should never have been removed, Kenny didnt come in because he needed the job, we had to recover from Purlsow and Hodgson, who are not on your list.. we had a ridiculous chelski chairman and directors like Ayre who failed to support Rafa or Kenny

    with 6 years of "americanism" we have gone from Champions league final calibre (2007 Athens) to a standard where fans get excited by winning a few pre-season friendlies, Kenny at least competed in all competitions WON a trophy for the first time in 6 years and qualified for europe, Comolli was appointed by F S G as was Kenny, and betrayed by them too...The F S G comolli policy was to "buy British" so Kenny obliged.. selling players off cheap is NOT Kenny's fault..

    pre-season was typical for a club dominated in its policy by USA's "media methods" a BIG tour , lots of "commercial opportunites" against mostly weak opposition make the team look better than it is... offloading 14 players so far, selling 3 new kits EVERY summer, increased TV revenue
    and advance cash for tickets...american sponsors, and the dubious ones that exist, anyone who has a global business knowledge know how these people work..

    the "accountants disease" ...the cutting ...of people and departments that "maximises" profit (for THEM) is the aim, anyone who has been through this negative "downsizing " knows that the victim is often the creativity & alliegence of the body of staff, who then react by protecting themselves instead of the "company" (or Team) as they see colleagues dissected and discarded without feeling..

    the hypocrisy surrounding Luis, compared with the way F S G
    & BR "dumped" Pepe , a GREAT guy, with 8 years at our club, who "dared" to consider an offer from his "home" just sickening..

    "dignity" my a*rse.. the club has had no "dignity" since many a year, certainly the day Hicks was allowed in , was, I thought, a low point, that declined further.. I coach, ...and saw the Celts "B" bhoys had fire in their guts .. how can we motivate kids, inside or outside of football. when we allow the CLUb that has been in all our lives to be infested by "hedge-funders" who "legally cheat" to get the money, and rip off anyone who gets in their way.?

    "you live by the sword, and you die by the sword.."

    and whether U like it or not, Number ONE on your BLAME list should be fickle Lfc fannies.. who failed to oppose Rafas removal, he had a 10 year plan and brought so many good young players to us..

    there will be bad karma, until, the wrongs are righted, and that means IMO a club run Like bayern and owned by True supporters not business sharks, from any country..

    The LIVERPOOL way (thanks Shanks) 100 years Legacy made OUR CLUB!


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