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Friday, September 20, 2013

SClog ..footy Fibs... updating the team

It is often said that "the league table doesnt lie" and whilst its true at the end of the season its usually reflective of the competence of a team.. .. as Shanks would say of "bread & butter" performances over a season..

the league table can tell some "fibs"(especially before xmas!) 

 ... Both Lfc and Rafa's Napoli team are at the top of their respective leagues, there is only one of them that I would right now bet on (and i am not a "betting man" .. and its not Lfc with BR 's "management"

as predicted, 
congrats to Rafa as Napoli beat last years finalists ; dortmund, 

chelski lose @ home , gunners win away

..and the Celts unlucky to go down @ Milan by a single own goal..

..., I was thinking of my prefered line up for the period whilst Coutinho is out.....IMO It was unwise to bring new boy Sahko into defence, , its not easy to "gel" defensive units, my logic says if Wisdom is RB, and Agger injured then U put Toure next to him, as Andre is young, IMO there is no question if both fit then centre back pairing must be dAgger/Skrtel, now with 3 of our 6 best players injured the exposure of "squad players" that may have to slot in looks thin to say the least.. I'd rather see youth than these new boys 
.. Kelly should be fit soon and hes my first choice RB as then both he & Jose can get up and down the lines.. midfield three of Lucas , SG & Hendo is with out question... Studge & Moses must get the call satdee, i suppose many (and BR as hes his "own boy") will call for Allen, i just think we should have left him @ swans and not let Jonjo go there... (despite his failings Shelvey has much more to offer than Joe..but maybe needs more "management" than BR is capable of...) .. havent been impressed with any of our 4 league games,but thats footy.. we ve played better and lost in the past.. we need the luck to continue, at least until we can get Danny, Glen & Coutinho back.... our best 11 is ok...but...

Vital !! 

@ Swansea
I predicated a draw, and was more convinced when saw that (apparently due to a knock) dAgger wasnt paired with Skrtel , causing 2 changes in Lfc defence - IMO BR isnt a defensive tactician ...and throwing Sahko in seemed rash, why not Toure? (in THIS case) defenders need more time to "Gel" 
Coutinho clattered and subbed - He and Studge are going to be "targeted" this season

... Daniel S is scoring every game, but may not always avoid injury, whilst some people are "dishing" Luis, Suarez is rarely out injured a GREAT advantage 

2-2 and top of the table ..the F S G clones and f annies wil be wetting themselves but none of the 4 "performances" have convinced me..a continual struggle to keep hold of the ball, considering "BR's (much promoted by media) barca II style"

.. .a long way to go and we will see where we are in December, MY hope is that DAgger , Glen,  Lucas & SG (when on form and not stretched by international games) can carry the team through, as we may be fortunate that the league isnt as strong this season as is past years,,,

 (p.s. another note to BR, when u allowed Pepe to be WRONGLY removed from OUR CLUB, u lost his distribution value, Pepe rarely lost possesion so easily.....) as the TEAM will have to win together as a unit , because we cant rely on the (novice) "Management" in past years,,,

at times we were an "alamo" defence... thanks MoM Martin..

ThE TEAM (barring new injuries) selected by ME! ;)

a Goalie (Pepe is my choice, but as with Rafa, the y a n k e r s poodle forced him out, withOUT respect to 8 years of "service plus"

Moses celebrates 1st goal with Phil.
Defence (note to BR...This is IMPORTANT!!!)

Kelly, Skrtel dAgger , Jose (Glen when fit)
            SG        Hendo

Luis ("loose")  Studge  &  (Moses, Raheem, Ibe )

subs; perm any from the "squad players"

(p.s. dont underestimate the work-rate & high-up "pressing" of Hendo!)
other stuff;-

fee-males ..cont..

just a load of ...Bums???

so many modern women tell so many lies, that it becomes "normal" ..
so that when I challenge them - they react as if I am wrong to point it out...ha ha 

(no) "service" /.....

Yesterday went to meet Fab @ "hamster" ... its nice for local kiddies , who sit there with one drink all day,  but  the staff dont like us who actually want to drink a few bevvies and watch footy... when Fab asked for "another pivo" and asked (2nd time) for  them to switch channels so he could watch his team the "manager" said "wait i am WORKING"  obviously this word has different meaning the everywhere else in the universe.  ha ha ... & "customer service" only applies when its bimbos in short skirts etc...   I had one drink as i refuse to support such places, I dont care if Luis Suarez made a personal visit , u wont me back there easily.. so we went t have a meal, our fav. greek restoran ...closed... the one @ Stari varos....closed so we found a small cevapi place which also had the footy on...blues beating chelski (poor maureen) as i predicated (sort of) ..then a few @ Berlin... staff wearing "we are the club" t-shirt ..shame some Lfc fannies dont get it! :)

posted on "footy group" .. "FYI Ugo has been suspended fromTolosi for a third action deemed to be against club members & the spirit of friendship" (he has one month to appeal .. ) CS

something to do before I go... :)

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  5. be honest, none of the games so far justified a top position.. not happy, but not surprised... when BR "selected" 4 centre backs, it shows a) he hasnt the courage to admit that Skrtel & Agger are first choice to play there b) because his players are Toure & Sahko, he "must" play them...amd any intelligent manager would have played Kelly and Jose from the start thus putting pressure on soton from the wings,, BR is a novice, not big enough for Lfc...a poodle of the yankers..and I said it long ago... not just today!.........

  6. Kenn Subra
    Options for this story
    Brendan : This is GOOD or BAD ??? We were labeled The Best with 3 Wins with a clean sheet,Good with A Drew And Bad with A Lose.
    Common REDS, Get back to the Track. YNWA
    29 minutes ago · Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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    ChriS SmiTH be honest, none of the games so far justified a top position.. not happy, but not surprised... when BR "selected" 4 centre backs, it shows a) he hasnt the courage to admit that Skrtel & Agger are first choice to play there b) because his players are To...See More
    24 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Kenn Subra Flying Without Wings...We need midfielders as well. Henderson and Aspas, seems lost. Season 12/13 trend is back.. lose and draws
    12 minutes ago · Like
    ChriS SmiTH NO Kenn, the midfield balance of Lucas, Sg & Hendo is good, but playing so many central defenders gave the initiative to soton, and Arpas isnt ready for this level, he is a squad player.. like all the "summer signings" hyped up by F S G to placate the fannies.. we have several "big players" dAgger, Glen, LUcas, SG, Coutinho (maybe)Luis & Studge, when half are out or injured, we drop a levil into "average" but when everyone is fit we could win every game, but not with BR, his tactical decisions are like a novice..