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Sunday, December 18, 2011

banned 111218 vi(ctory)llAway...winning DESPITE the sh*te (blue turd) kit

 111218 villAway

...winning DESPITE the sh*te (blue turd) kit

JonJo got a start...
Martin  scored the 2nd with a great header

There wont be any match pics, when they kit out our REdS in the SH*TE ("blue turd" ) kit... 

14h Milos collected me from home, (taken plaster off) TO Watch at west 

REdNET has left a new comment on your post "We'll be coming in the metro of Lyon - YouTube": 

had me brunch and a cuppa , gettign ready to watch the there a "bird" on the planet that can compare with a day worshipping my REDS? we'll be coming!!! with my LiverBird 

villA 0 LIVERPOOL (in turd kit)  2 Bellamy , Sktrtl (Luis hit bar and post, AGAIN! with some fantastic skill!) dominated game another 10 or more corners, and his the "woodwork" for the 16th time this season... WE Made villa  look 2nd class.. m.o.m. probably Skrtl, but we bosse the middle with Henderson Adam, Shelvey and Downing..Adam wasnt at his best, the defence were solid, with Martin very sound and Jose looking like hes been our player for a long time,..

 fab came later citeh 1 ar*e 0 citeh didn't look that special ..Looked like a draw..scrappy goal... citeh could well collapse in january..

ChriS> "Aim for the sky
Shanks said
Not just to "qualify"
That’s what He meant ....being a RED

Aim lower and "you'll stay on the floor"
Its NOT our way to aim for the "CL 4"

Respect our Holy Trinity
Players Kenny and true RED SUPPORTERS

And we will win, you'll see
And stuff "skytv" and the scum reporters!"

ChriS SmiTH 12:20pm Dec 18
Fernando Torres Vs Aston Villa

Fernando Torres Vs Aston Villa Away fernando torres vs aston villa Season 09/10

“Aim for the sky and you'll reach the ceiling....
ChriS SmiTH 1:08pm Dec 18
“Aim for the sky and you'll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you'll stay on the floor.” Shanks (aim for FIRST, not just to "qualify" )

"personal" ChriS SmiTH

ChriS SmiTH 17 December 19:50

biased... certainly you have a problem with Rafa, whose rare honesty deserves more than your description in a "sport" and cultural activity that is plagued by the deceit fostered by mainstream media and its lying sponsors...notably you excluded the greatest leader who did more than manage, he turned a 2nd division club into a global icon, with a registered fan base of over 7 million and fame well beyond comparisons ; as the beatles did with music, Shanks did with football..LFc dont have to be at the "top of the charts" to increase popularity that has amazingly not faded with time...Shanks dwarfs all those who you have mentioned..incomparable! ;)

 .."Retired Extremely Dangerous" ..i had to smile that they chose Bruce to play that role… exagerated fiction and yet almost as funny as the dark humour of life..some nice moments. ;) ha ha a joke…!
Red (2010 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RED is a 2010 American action comedy film 

"a rare night out - tx to wolfie for taking me and
 Zorka for alift home and Perrine for "testing my ankle"
Sunday 18 december

"they freeze you"
Its what girls do,
And it’s a favourite "punishment"
Of grown women too

Doesn’t matter if you said the truth
When they decide you are wrong
The fee-male, alone or in pack
Will hurt u for so long

But at this time
Of good intent and good will
That’s just bad karma
So the "sentence" will only harm her!

I miss her so
She is long gone
But very often, when I see what they do.
I am happy to be alone

It’s a funny place
This planet of yours
I reach out In hope
For someone who cares

Wishing all my friends a "Happy ChriSmitH" ;)


ChriS SmiTH 11:25pm Dec 17

To obtain at least shared ownership of LFC for Global REdS and to improve the situation of all true REDS  ...

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