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Saturday, December 24, 2011

111224 LIVE R POOL update (& Global REdS campaign v Evil Empire)

111224  LIVE R POOL 

"ChriSmitH eve" update 

(& Global REdS campaign v Evil Empire) 

At yesterdays press conference with Kenny "vinny" (sky TV "reporter") ...there was some faint "criticism" against our players and support for Luis...the hypocrites at the FA and in the gutter media (who from one day to the next use contradictive headlines, not only about Luis but news on anything, because they only care about exagerating headlines..)  its just more evidence of the obvious manipualtion & "mobbing" that goes on these days, and people have GOT to wake up and see that buying those "newspapers" and subscribing to scum TV finances the rubbish which hurts OUR own....(ChriS)

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and REdNeT

I had to smile.....  ;)  = Suarez video ; nice work by elalonso

and REdNeT
 JOIN THE CAMPAIGN...whether its concerning the continued cover-up over Hillsborough after 22 years oR "Luis Suarez"


Kenny Dalglish today reported no fresh injury concerns ahead of the Boxing Day visit of Blackburn Rovers and confirmed Liverpool will check on the fitness of Steven Gerrard ahead of the clash. The Reds skipper is closing in on a first-team comeback having returned to training following an ankle infection.

Dalglish told his pre-match press conference: "He is training, so as we've said before we'll always monitor his progress and make sure we've done the right things. "Everything he's done he's done very well. He's been training, but whether that means he's ready or not, we'll have to wait and see."
Liverpool's squad will be bolstered by the return of Jay Spearing from suspension.

Dalglish added: "We're fine. We never picked up any knocks the other night (at Wigan). Jay's suspension is over, so we've added to the squad rather than taken away from it."
Author: James Carroll at Melwood

Kenny Dalglish believes the fantastic team spirit Liverpool have both on and off the pitch can serve as a platform for future success.

The Scot's former club Blackburn Rovers visit Anfield on Boxing Day propping up the Barclays Premier League table and the boss admits to having sympathy for his counterpart Steve Kean.

"I have always been very appreciative of the support that we have here, from everyone, but we'll never ever take it for granted," Dalglish told a packed press conference at Melwood.

"We'll always work to get what we deserve and if we work hard enough and we are fortunate enough then we will get what we want.  "The most sympathy I have is for Blackburn because I was there for three or four years. It was a great place for me to go and work, there were some smashing people there that were in charge of the club at that particular moment in time, and I would never have anticipated or foreseen the situation they are in at this particular moment in time.

"Blackburn are at the wrong end of the table, they are under a bit of pressure and there seems to be a bit of animosity in and around the club at the moment. "Results aren't purely to what the manager does. You need support from your players, you need support from the owners and you certainly need some support from the crowd. "The frustration is understandable in many ways but I don't think it's helpful and it's sad really it has come to that, but that's the way it is."
Dalglish delight at Reds support
Despite Blackburn's form, former Everton forward Yakubu has had no trouble finding the back of the net. The striker has fired 11 goals in all competitions so far this term - including four against Swansea City earlier this month. But while Dalglish is well aware of the threat of the frontman, he knows Rovers have plenty of other players who can trouble Liverpool's rearguard. "His goal tally is pretty impressive for a team at the bottom of the table," said the boss. "He's a clinical finisher. He got four against Swansea and got another goal the other night (against Bolton).

"He is a threat, but then there are a lot of good strikers that Daniel (Agger) and Martin (Skrtel) have come up against recently and they've been playing particularly well. "We won't be presumptuous that they are going to play well, but then again we won't be presuming Yakubu is going to score against us either. "It will be a decent game, and it will be a good competition between Yakubu and ourselves. If we take our eye off everyone else and just concentrate on Yakubu then we could find ourselves in trouble, so we've got to be responsible and look after everybody." 

The Reds face a hectic schedule of fixtures over the festive period with three crucial matches in the space of nine days. Nonetheless, Dalglish is confident he has the squad strength at his disposal to cope with the demands. He said: "Every game is a pivotal point and for us it's important we get as much as we can from every game, whether that comes within three days or 10 days of each other doesn't make any difference.
"We have a busy schedule of games which demands a very strong squad and I think we've got that. If we get a wee bit of luck then we'll get the results that we all want.

"We take every game as it goes and we look at the last one to see how the lads have recovered from it. It's more poignant now because the games are coming thick and fast. The quicker they recover the better chance they have of playing and not every player recovers at the same time as everyone else. "The most defining factor is it's a great experiment to find out how strong your squad is. I think we have got a strong squad and I think we may be a bit fortunate than others with regards to team selection."

Liverpool head into the Blackburn contest on the back of a goalless draw at Wigan Athletic. The Reds could have taken all three points at the DW Stadium had it not been for Ali Al-Habsi saving Charlie Adam's second-half penalty. The midfielder became the fourth player to miss from 12 yards this season following Luis Suarez, Dirk Kuyt and Andy Carroll, but Dalglish isn't concerned. 

He said: "We'll just wait until we get nearer to the game, find out the personnel in the team and then have a conversation about who's going to take them. "You can only practice your run up - you can't practice anything else. You can't put yourself in the same position as any game when you get on the training pitch. Some people find it satisfactory to practice penalties, but others don't. "I think if on the day we're fortunate enough to get a penalty kick, then we'll find someone to take it."
Reds woodwork woe
The manager was also asked whether he had any worries about the amount of chances his side have not taken so far this season.
"We would love the boys to get the reward some of their outstanding build-up play deserves and we'll continue to make chances, and the opposition know we'll make chances," responded Dalglish.

"There's been a few inspired goalkeeping performances against us which we can't do anything about, and what we've got to do is concentrate on hitting the target. If we are making goalkeepers make saves then there's not much more we say if he gets lucky. It's just unlucky but we'll keep getting in there."

WE have to believe WE are Champions...and WE will BE!
The boss was also quizzed by journalists about the race for a top-four finish and whether he thought the title was just a two horse race between Manchester City and Manchester United.
Dalglish said: "As we've said before the best position in any league is top, the rest is in a way second best. "All we'll do is concentrate on what we have to do and that's take one game at a time and then we'll add the points up, but I don't think there's anybody in the league who wouldn't want to be in Man City's position right now."

Author: Steve Hunter and James Carroll at Melwood

Kenny Dalglish has revealed Luis Suarez was 'emotional and grateful' for the support he received from his teammates this week.

Liverpool's players issued a statement in support of the Uruguay striker ahead of Wednesday's clash with Wigan and also wore t-shirts in the pre-match warm-up to demonstrate their backing.

Dalglish said: "He was quite emotional and very grateful.
"I don't think it's ever a disappointment when your teammates and the people you work for give you their undivided support. For me, that's the least he deserves." On when Liverpool will receive further documentation from the Football Association, Dalglish said: "Whenever it's ready. Until everybody gets it and knows the reasons behind the things, I think most people have said what they want to say. "We've certainly said what we have to say. We'll wait until we get the judgement and take it from there.

"The club have issued a statement, the players have made their statement both visually and verbally. It's best for everybody to wait and see what the written retort is because nobody knows - we don't even 
motional and grateful
Dalglish added: "I don't think right at this moment in time the club are permitted to go into any further detail than what they have done in their statement, which couldn't have caused anyone any trouble. I don't think the players have caused any trouble with the FA either with their statement or the t-shirts, so if we're not in any trouble we'll just leave it at that before we do give ourselves some trouble."
Author: James Carroll at Melwood

KEEP the "LIVERPOOL way" our rep as the "fairest supporters"
Chelsea striker Fernando Torres has hit out at Liverpool over his exit from Anfield 11 months ago - footballNews
  • 5 people like this.
    • Laur Ynwa 
      so let me know if i;m right .. he accused the former owners of broken promises .. and he refused to believe and accept a longer project with the new owners. Now .. torres must understand a thing .. the fans doens;t hate him for leaving for ...See more

    • ChriS SmiTH sorry but he is RIGHT to blame the former "owners" and director Purslow, who was still there when he left..he is wrong Now..but right about Lfc THEN..

    • Liverpool F.C. - Off.Supporters Club "Hellenic" BranchNormally we dont put any news about FT we made an exeption this tim e coz it has become a joke all the time he's talking about the truth onhis departure.Well sorry but the truth is that he had the best supporting a player could had by the best supporters and they deserved more loyalty

    • ChriS SmiTH 
      the supporters deserved a board of directors and owners that understood us, Purslow was just interested in self-promotion and ruined the situation, ppl dont know the facts ..i dont blame any player from leaving us at that time...Torres told...See more

    • Liverpool F.C. - Off.Supporters Club "Hellenic" Branch 
      No one is biger than the club and yes there have been really dark days when the two mupets were in charge and Purslow had made some terible mistakes also agree that the new owners sould have saw the exit door earlier to RH but the support FT had recieved from Lfc fans locals and around the world sould have made him made the right decision to be loyal at this club.There more things in life than money or trophies after all not so sure if he achived that success.In any case we at the HB don't hate him but we dont care about him as he doesn't care any more about our beloved club.YNWA Chris

    • ChriS SmiTH i certainly agree we should move on, but some of the Lfc "fans" have been disgraceful in their ugly insults of someone we got the best out of, thanks to Rafa, not All the fans appreciated him when woy was playing ale-house footy, and some critics are inconsistent becasue others have left us and not been treated as badly Torres, as i say its not about money he was lied to, he was ill-treated (not be Rafa) but by liars who left after he did..we got 50 million (a massive profit for a player past his best) he left for the same reason he came to Lfc, because he a) he had been promised trophies..(a striker has a limited shelf-life) and b) he didnt want to be the sole match-winner (as he was at atleti and under hodgson @ Lfc) I disagree with his decision but its not honourable for some "fans" to go OTT against an ex-player exagerating the harms our reputation for being "Fair" in the same way we shouldnt react to mancs chanting insults with references to munich! ..anyway thanks for the "discussion" appreciate it, YNWA/J4t96 = Justice for ALL (and Luis!)


      a "ChriSmitH" smile...

      a REminder for LFc TV to sort out the new servuce (again)


      Continued cut-outs /currently not broadcasting , and (e.g.)
      "Sorry , this video is not yet available."

       video archive - yesterday! [Incident: 111217-000040]

      Discussion Thread
       Response Via Email (Matchday Team)
      18/12/2011 02.00 PM
      Dear ChriS
      Thanks for contacting Liverpool Football Club
      We have currently been experiencing a technical error. This has now been rectified and any difficulty you have experienced, should now be resolved.
      I apologise for the recent experience and thank you for your continued support.
      Kind Regards
      Matchday Team
      Customer Experience Team
       Customer By Web Form (ChriS Smith)
      17/12/2011 10.58 AM
      when I tried to watch the programme @

      i had the response "page 404 not found," AND as i could NOT connect at ALL with "friday night live" last night, I watched it this morning before switching to the above link. however, it was cut several times, and only the last 30 mintues of the 90 minute programme was uninterupted!! ..please add this to my previous complaint...(see #111216-000078

      I wanted to watch the previous days "Lfc live " (news usually online at 17h and 18h (uk time) and got the response on screen "this video not available" and OFTEN the Lfctv programme (when i am watching LIVE is cut with the announcement "currently not broadcasting"!!

       Question Reference #111217-000040
      Product Level 1: 
      LFCTV Online Support
      Product Level 2: 
      Streaming Problems
      Date Created: 
      17/12/2011 10.58 AM
      Last Updated: 
      18/12/2011 02.00 PM


       URL with issue

       Operating System

      chrome or mozilla

       Internet Service Provider
      t-com/mtel MNE


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