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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

REdnet Bootroom , post hell & pre Liverpool v tottingham :) RED v other colours,,,

need to read:  this,  first...

"Broken News!"  

wow!   congratulations to Pearce & echo for a clever piece of spin,... just enough of criticism to fool the clones with a realist backing of Klopp to identify with his fans,  as a lawyer might prepare a defence argument,.. state the criticism aimed at the guilty to take the steam out of the prosecution...  BUT,  James,  we , who have followed and researched  the situation for at least 10 years are way ahead of you,,  there are too many holes in the JWH ship for your propaganda to repair..   less than a net 20 mil spent on a club that should be aiming for the top of the league ..         
                                                   NESV were valued at several billions   ,so why cant Lfc compete with the manchester or london clubs?   because they want to do an arsenal,    qualification for europe and income from Tv, sponsors , shop and advance or corporate  tickets will keep Lfc one of the richest clubs in the world , never having to spend big , because our nice guy klopp will do it on a budget of youth, ... youth development that Rafa and Kenny and co already had sorted, but Rafa and Kenny would buy big names if they were available and that eats into the re-sale value of the corporation, Lfc fans are to blame, you swim with sharks!

random examples
...of ...: "other colours" 

Dawn Crvena7:15pm Feb 7
ok I wait Helen, in the meantime 1. I dont have to be a fan of Klopp to know that having several managers, back room staff and turnover of players has not helped Lfc at all,,, I give him a fair chance, but I wont go overboard .nether when winning or losing.. .. as i am always curious of the motives of H enry & co.. 2.. I believe had we had a better structure Masch Torres and Suarez would have stayed,. . Lfc showed no loyalty to Rafa or Kenny , Rudolfo, Macparland, Agger nor Pepe, its a 2 way street,,3 ,, you need to check out the scandals Standard corrupted were involved in...? enjoy yr fan/mily.,, catch u tomorrow.. take care ! :)
Helen Lord
Helen Lord7:15pm Feb 7
If there's constant back room, managerial changes its hardly Klopps fault, and I personally do not like to see a constant change of mangers like Chelsea
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David Power
David Power7:17pm Feb 7
i take on board your points dawn,its all opinion at the end of the day...good god,and so is mine hence....
Stuart Cain
Stuart Cain7:18pm Feb 7
Blimey,,,,, now my eyes are fooked,,,,those players leaving you've mentioned ,, cos clubs came calling simple as that £££££££, I'd not want a miserable spoilt player at our club , Rafa made a mistake with Alonso,,,the girls will tell you that .

Politics ,,,,,,,,πŸ‘žπŸ‘žπŸ‘žπŸ‘žπŸ‘ž
Who is in JW's circle of friends ???? Couldn't be arsed ........but let's keep it simple ,,,,,,
What are you happy with πŸ˜‰ and we can start from ther
Stuart Cain
Stuart Cain7:19pm Feb 7
Those players staying is pure conjecture Dawn
David Power
David Power7:20pm Feb 7
im happy with life,love,love,life........and episodes of my so called life on youtube... im happy......
Helen Lord
Helen Lord7:22pm Feb 7
We couldn't keep them players Dawn, simple as that, when a player engineers their own exit by the methods they use you cannot keep them. Agger was way past his sell by date due to injuries, you cannot keep a player like that unfortunately neither can you show sentimentality by keeping them on the wage bill despite not being able to play
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Dawn Crvena
Dawn Crvena10:31pm Feb 5
like many supporters , who wait for the next game, i hoped that Lfc would get a result at Hull...I am NOT a "Kloppite" but no one should talk about sacking Juergen, it exactly the problem at Lfc,, poor boardroom decisions and too MANY changes in the last 10 years.. you can build a strong structure when the management in the office have a different direction than the people who care.. the true supporters who would go through wind and rain,... not the banal, the f s g clones and middle to business class ticket holders who are mere spectators.. TWENTY-TWO shots and FIFTEEN corners, our friends at "REDnet" stated before that players must learn to "shoot on site/sight" ...

80 % accurate passing , & i cant believe that idiot kritian walsh at the echo blanmed Lucas for the Mignolet flap... we have too many many good people leave Lfc ' Rafa, Pepe, Stevie (thankfully back) Kenney sacked then brought back.. Masch, Torres, Suarez,, (alonso) and even Sterling.. it needed stavalising , but , also needed 1 or 2 top players if they were avalalable, perhaps they are not, but too much damage has been done,

and I feel a weird negative karma with the wrong sort of immoral "sponsors" "betvictor" and corrupted Standard chartered and of course Henry and his billionaire buddies of George Bush & co..thats poison to a club buult on social values...

we seem to be cursed with a "deja vu" of getting closer to the title and each time ....? I haven't given up, but it just angers me also how the fans are willing to settle , after 10 years of almost nothing, for a champions league qualification!!!!

i AM glad thats fans are protesting against the "infestation" by the NESV group of the USA and the poison they caused since 10 years (G & H are the same people..) no one "saved" us, administration would have cost points that thei man WOY cost us anyway..

I feel a little bit sorry for Juergen, , but only a little, I think hes a nice guy, but he is paid well for the privilege of being at our club (or what WAS our club) i dislike the fickle fans who were full hype pre xmas,. then stick knives in him now...

we, in this (REDnet) group at least have been consistent , criticized him, some of selections and late subs, but credited him for some entertaining footy .and never booed and always supported the team out there,..

.. we here discuss this a lot, and talk about tactics and formations for our friends youth team games and the r new girls league etc.. *AeFaN" ) and compare with Lfc. etc

Managing human beings EFFECTIVELY (and fairly) is an art form , requiring many skills and an inborn ability and underestimated.. Rafa , Souness & Houlier all went into hospital during their time.. and who can deny the pressure that Kenny had to carry for the 96??? , on and off the field... hodgson was never here, Rodgers was never there.. but we think JK wants to do more, I wonder if he realized that THIS is the toughest job in football... forget the mancs or Madrid or Barca...

give Juergen and the players support because thats ALL we can do, and face monday with a smile.. a s hard as that may be,,,

there are people dying in war and kids drowning on their way to a "better life" denied by UK /EU /USA politics and the idiots that vote for the,,.. so get perspective people.. and dont give up...!

Dawn Crvena

Dawn Crvena7:04pm Feb 7
Dawn Crvena>   G & H put the club into debt... and Henry got it cheap,,,on credit,, but u arent interested in an opposing opinion ?? every cent that goes into Lfc makes it more valuable for re-sale,, the billionaires behind FSG are valued at several billions , so the money they spent on Lfc overall is small , in relative ter,ms. of course all people are welcome to support Lfc but ticket prices have changed the core support, it WAS the one thing "working class" supporters could look forward to , now they are usually priced out, but thats only part of it... IF the priority and know how was football not business at Lfc then Lfc would have kept its best and the lack of trophies since "business" took over is obvious...however a properly managed club could have employed pros that dont waste on players that FSG have done in the last y ears,,,...cant see how anyone could defend their transfer policy...Klopp at least seems to be consistent

Phil Battison > its like talking to a brick wall. I quit. honestly. its just crazy when you cant understand the first rule of a company.

Dawn Crvena whats the point of having a rich company and No trophies??? just like arsenal qualify for europe if we are lucky?>>>

Phil Battison same old. now change tack to something else. yes they got it cheap. great. that means money went into the club not into hicks and gilletts pockets. THINK

Chris>  did not go into Club,  but ...went ...somewhere else :)

 Phil Battison Dawn most football clubs don't win any trophies. none wins as many as ours. that's up to the manager and the team. i'msure FSG are pissed off. the fans demanded Dalglish. he spent a fortune and failed. Now they demanded Klopp and still they complain. they would probably be more successful if they ignored the fans.

Dawn Crvena when do we win trophies>>> 10 years with just the league cup! when u call others "idiots" its time to stop discussion, because the reality is that Lfc has not won a major trophy whilst "managed " by profiteers in 10 years, .... they will be happy as the arsenal are, with european football bringing money Tv sponsors and stadium revenue every year will you>> not me, NO! , ... no thank you! ... ...........................................................................................                          REDdnet> business success isnt hard when , as Lfc do, we have 30 million + loyal customers on the net.... I think even I could make a profit

Eeley commented on your post in (LFC) With Hope in our Hearts.
Jon Eeley
Jon Eeley7:22pm Feb 7
Tara thenπŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»
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Helen Lord
Helen Lord7:24pm Feb 7
If there's constant back room, managerial changes its hardly Klopps fault, and I personally do not like to see a constant change of mangers like Chelsea
Helen Lord
Helen Lord7:28pm Feb 7
Melanie Duff has never forgiven....
Stuart Cain
Stuart Cain7:30pm Feb 7
Nor have I , he had a great arse
Helen Lord
Helen Lord7:31pm Feb 7
Christopher Richard Smith
Chris> 9:03pm Feb 7
back all that Dawn Crvena stated" not one of the smart and clever clique here have an intelligent response,,,now I know why i dont want to join these sort of "fan groups" laku noc! tutti! :p WHYH?

a comment in (LFC) With Hope in our Hearts.

Sarah Turner
February 7 at 9:46pm
Dawn Crvena you keep going off subject here. So what if Carragher uses a electronic highlighter to show errors? This is how the industry has moved with the times. We've even got an electronic scored board at Anfield after Tommy, the score card changer lost a 6 and had to use a 9. I can't understand why you keep referring to war etc... We know football isn't as important as people dying.... But where was these pathetic FSG out groups in October....? Football is business. It's sad and it's a money man's game however there will always a little boy kicking a ball about pretending he's Steven Gerrard, Lionel Messi even Ronaldo. Not one 10 yr old I coach has ever said " I'd love to play professional football so I could sell my soul and play for whoever pays me the most". It's up to us. The fans. The supporters. To chant their names. To buy a shirt with their names on. To have pride on them. And if Klopp doesn't instill that pride in you yet. Then you, my lovely, don't deserve to support my gorgeous Red club and my fantastic Red family.....

 Melanie Duff

February 7 at 10:43pm

So if it's not Klopp to blame then it must be FSG.... So I've decided that FSG need to get OUT and we are going to bring new people in... Those people will love our club like we do... Want everything that we want... There's just one problem though there won't be any money for transfers.... Because your new owners will be your very own admin team.
So if it's not Klopp to blame then it must be FSG.... So I've decided that FSG need to get OUT

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Leo Camilleri
Leo Camilleri1:14pm Feb 6
Ryan Sacco Lets hope we win against spurs.....cause if we lose or draw and utd win....we'll we 6th!!! and if arsenal lose to Hull....the scum will be up at 4th!!!

Mark Sweetlove posted in Friends of Liverpool Fc.

Mark Sweetlove
February 8 at 11:37am

? Friends of Liverpool Fc.????????????????

Mark Sweetlove
February 6 at 6:10pm

Mark Sweetlove posted in Friends of Liverpool Fc.
Mark Sweetlove
February 8 at 11:45am

Mark Sweetlove posted in Friends of Liverpool Fc.
Mark Sweetlove
February 8 at 1:21pm

David Power

David Power11:07am Feb 7
yes im an admin.... its only opinion at the end of day,college diploma not required..and the same goes for my sarcasm.but i take your point...
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Christopher Richard Smith
Christopher R.  Smith11:09am Feb 7
David (are u admin?)   i think its a shame when a supporter , who cares & takes the time to open up , gets ...... the reaction is a bit.... well..u know...! poor we live i a fast food media , and that means "debate" is too thin..IMO! :) I see a lot of truth, and no one has answered it!

6:27pm Feb 7
Hiy Phil, I disagree ! IMO ...they got the club cheap, & used Anfield & Melwood for security... true that they have done the "business" but surely ? Lfc is made to play football not make profit for them Phil, since the boardroom taken over by the USA ,,,we gone from "break even" financially to one of the richest clubs in europe with impressive net profit,,, BUT at the same time only ONE 2nd class trophy in 10 years.. from 1st in UEFA rankings DOWN to 46th . thats a "stat" that no accountant can dispute......some Lfc fans criticize ME because I research and make a case gainst them,, but its FOR supporters.. that I argue . ........ No one should talk about sacking Juergen, it exactly the problem at Lfc,, poor boardroom decisions and too MANY changes in the last 10 years.. you can build a strong structure when the management in the office have a different direction than the people who care.. the true supporters .......NOT middle to business class ticket holders who are mere spectators........ we have lost too many many good people .....I question IF .all these
billionaire buddies of George Bush & co. WOULD sign a Suarez, Coutinho or (fit) Sturridge if a top player becomes available??>? IMO.......they are poison to a club built on social values. btw many misguided Lfc fans say "wish we had a billionaire owner, ",,,,,????  **(FSG) has 5 billion USD!                    too many knee jerkers, we know Lfc make mistakes , and most educated REDs know what henry and co are all about.. (themselves) .. JK must also accept blame, in the same way fans must accept blame for the pathetic atmosphere at Anfield, the chants of opposing fans : " you only sing when u are winning! & "this is a library" sicken me, because they ring true!! Klopp has suffered, because I think he underestimated the strength and tactics of some team, AND players coming back from small or larger injury out of the side , Lalla, Can, Oriigi Phil, Studge, Matip & Clyne have not got back to their best form of early season, i dont think buying in january would have changed anything much, , for me there is no world class players out there who would be obvious buys.whats needed is a bit of strength, in the dugout,, team AND support, because we know we have a weak GK, for instance, and we have to get on with it.. and battle , not write the season of... however bitter it may feel now when others ridicule Lfc. ....... there is some INTERESTING comments by Carra on this last post match analysis ,.. and more importantly when he talks about Arsenal players / fans ACCEPTING champions league QUALIfication as @Good enough") THAT IS , imo, EXACTLY WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING TO LFC, SINCE THE USA money people have got into our club! with the current set up at Lfc ..we are similar,, fans are being "educated" by the lfc board and its media (and the echo) to accept 4th as a target... thats not who we should be, and its all about the money and not about football a priority over business profit.. (oh and the money dont go into the club development, we are one of the richest in europe, with ONE 2nd class trophy in 10 years of a USA owned boardroom! who did not "save us" ... G & H pit us in Debt and Henry made a shrewd acquisition,, he is a hedge funder, and these billionaire got that way by making decisions that benefit them in the long or short run.. if we had been into administration the 10 points deducted could have been less damaging than Hodgson managing the team... Henry only sacked Woy when 10,000 less fans attended Anfield back then... the "issue" is deeper than the media want you to know............................................thing is Sarah,,from my understanding Lfc has always been about being mORE than just football, surely J4t96 fighting for justice since more than a quarter century showed that ,,, and believe that our club HAD a soul, ..torn apart by business.......and the costs of supporting.... Liverpool as a "people" have always expressed emotion, world fanous for the songs and abroad almost any one I meet will reply with YNWA! if i mention I support Liverpool.. fans do forget the human factor, too many video games and even our lad Carra using technology to show the errors of the players..   mentioning war /dying also , as much as it means to true Reds , we must put things in perspective.. all social issues ) and people keep reminding me that Lfc is a "biz" ) affect the club, the decisions that US billionaire businessmen behnd it , all the squad are millionaires ,,, everyone is affected by what goes on in and outside the game.. i wont apologize for being "fully committed" and no, i wont let you "commit" me   we have to be "crazy" to be Reds....dont we? ..
6:49pm Feb 7
of course all people are welcome to support Lfc but ticket prices have changed the core support, it WAS the one thing "working class" supporters could look forward to , now they are usually priced out, but thats only part of it... IF the priority and know how was football not business at Lfc ......... or did you not bother reading it. ???
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Phil Battison
Phil Battison6:49pm Feb 7
we can't live in the past. the class struggle was Thatcher and the eighties. The working class ceased to exist, she gave them a choice, be the unemployed class or the aspirational class. none of it matters anymore. if you want to go back how it was go and watch tranmere and chester because that REAL football is still there. but its not in the premier league.
Phil Battison
Phil Battison6:51pm Feb 7
if we were happy like arsenal were - 4th every year - they wouldn't have broken their heads in despair to finish 2nd and sack a manager who finished 2nd. because they want 1st. if you don't want to be patient, you will miss out. The quickest way to get us to 1st is to keep making profit, not losses.
Dave Crowther
Dave Crowther6:52pm Feb 7
Spot on. He seems happy with mediocrity
Dave Crowther
Dave Crowther6:53pm Feb 7
Class struggle? You're making arguments where there aren't any
Phil Battison
Phil Battison6:53pm Feb 7
in shirt, i'm going, and blocking, I could have more grown up conversations with my god children !!!!

and the echo hacks /... are not better (they are BROWN, what does that tell u?)
LIVERPOOL v "tottingham

ChriS> Carra stating what the REDNET bootroom stated a month ago?

February 6 at 6:11pm

 Anthony Taylor has been announced as the referee for Liverpool’s Premier League game Vs Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield on Saturday evening.

""Having looked into the prospect of buying Liverpool Football Club in more detail, Henry was more enthused as he later typed: “If we could acquire this for the debt, I really feel like we would be stealing this franchise.
“In some ways they really are in the dark ages — especially competitively. The best and brightest are not presently working on English soccer. But the English Premier League is bigger than the NFL, NASCAR, MLB and the NBA internationally. Only Formula One can begin to compare in viewership.
“This could be a steal. Every buyer believes what potential Red Sox buyers believed — you have to build a new stadium. And they believe the stadium will cost more than £350m! That’s why there are no bidders. We would probably take the same approach we took to Fenway Park. But we’d be looking to limit investment in the facility to 8 figures." echo BS,,, WE (REDNET ) were leading the FEW who opposed them back in 2010!!!   

Well done Lucas πŸ‘πŸ»

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Dawn Crvena=======

Dawn Crvena:> 8:14pm Feb 7
if the players understand THIS , then they might just start to understand the manager!

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