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Sunday, June 26, 2016

EXIT English FA from "euro 16"   

the irony of BREXits during "euro 16"....

,,,some would claim that now "exiting" THEIR football team from the "euro 16" tournament would be ridiculous

BUT any more ridiculous than a (minority) vote in the UK forcing an exit from the EU?? surely a sporting "festival" is tainted by hypocrisy when teams are involved from nations who voted "leave" ?
EXIT  england ? (N. irland gone.). is an appropriate reaction>>> ??

Tory conspiraccy...?


When you give power to the "right"

... a LONG time ago, when I was 10 years old, me Ma was explaining to me an item on the news when a right wing Tory called Enoch, was spouting racist jargon about "Blacks, pakistanis , indians , and ,.get this... IRISH STEALING jobs from good old english workers

as my team mate (Fab.) told me last night, when he was recently working in London (he grew up in London,  is Italian by passport) in a London restaurant kitchen with "immigrants" who all put in a shift , the one english guy employed left them in the lurch during a busy night, could NOT stand "the kitchen heat" :) leaving his co-workers....much the same as the "BREXITERS" ..??

IMO , too many english dont WANT the kitchen work, waiters, plumbers, low skill construction jobs, , street cleaning or nursing that immigrants will gladly do, and just watch how many will stay on the dole, or wait for something "cushy" instead of earnign a decent wage for a decent work.

and anyway, when 10s of thousands of immigrants are dying around the world. mostly just trying to find a better life, away from war, how inhuman and selfish are you in the right wing Uk OR EU to put up MORE walls.. to continue your medeaval protectionism??>>>???
REdNeT > The ongoing "mass-debating" about the UKs cop-out... makes me consider the "LEGAL VALIDITY" whilst 52% voted to leave , there are a considerable quantity who abstained, which probably means that LESS than 50% actually voted to LEAVE, the normal sheeple psychology is that they often dont get off their arses to "remain" in something

.....AND I think the queen could VETO this..if she was of that mind.., being "royal" she may have been convinced that "the brits are so great we can go it alone" campaign

.. the EU is a mess ... but nothing is solved by escape. and the consequences will be a BIGGER european mess and the rise of the fascists... be careful bigots and such , what you WIISH for will be paid for by you and all for your selfish and inhuman prejudices..

of course the CONSEQUENCES were never explained by either sides "campaigners" ... BOTH being TORIES!!!

Chris Smith> I have lived ALL over europe , and whenever there are economical declines some "opportunist" right wing politician and even some "middler" claim popular votes from the IGNORANT sheeple by the shout " the foreigners are stealing your jobs"

.....adolf, musolini and franco blamed the jews , gypsies and "others" persecuted TRUE socalists whilst the USA supplied munitions to anyone.. then came WW2 and 60 million + people killed, 100s of millions maimed or displaced.. and the fools have now served up the ingredients of a global mess that Boris buddy Trump may just extinguish with a red button.????

a day in the life   .....  of a REd
alternative Lyrics
I read the news today,,,,Oh JOy,
4 million (w)hores come from manchester
and the news was rather sad
i just had to laugh
saw the photograph
Van Gaal blew his mind out, and said "ta ra"
he didnt notice that his job has changed
The crowd at OT just stare
no one was really sure if Maureen would be their manager , at all...
,,,,they a re glad that another ones had gone..
I saw a rumour today , oh sh&te
The english barmy have just injured Studge
The Old trafford crowd never stay
But they want to look
when losing, read fergies book
I'm glad sir bully has gone....
Woke up
i'm still in Bed
sometimes it hurts to be Red
went to look for UEFA cup
,  lost my hat,  and saw what I had wrote
yeah sure , I was choked 
checked the net, we lost the bet
no victory bus 
blame the y anks 
Savilla stole the game..
something was broke,  ........ i wish it was a dream......



  1. you are never "too old" when u can pass like this..