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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hype Hype hype , short memories and the "Strife of Brian"

echo Journos hype, goes on & on.. 

 Rafa dominated Europe for us;    won trophies and challenged for the TITLE not just "qualification" (4th) , G & H remove him whilst u were sleeping,

 Kenny comes back, competed in every possible game in first full season, wins 1 cup and gets to a final & 7th in the league (thats the best Klopp could do) H enry sacks OUR man , & u sleep on,. Klopp rescues Lfc from a mundane "never will be" BR & he's a "world beater" ? 

.. who doesnt understand Liverpool culture, that true Reds WANT to be in any city that hosts a final with the Team playing in it, Basel or Timbucktoo (!) ... nor that u dont compare (my hero) J Lennon with the bully Ferguson, no one is correcting him., or stating that JK, nice guy, is about "concepts & motvation" a media dream, but is lucky , takes chances (fortune favours the brave? but not always, Zelijko is his 

JK being used by H Enry , the same way Woy, Kenny ( Brent were used,, removing every "holy trinity" icon & replace it with commercial intent,, to fatten their eventual prize profit.

.. you all just play their game.. a discussion on an internation Lfc supporters forum discussed BR & JK, who gets credit?, but who gets the blame? ,, 8th in the league , rank 46th by Uefa !

as for the main standers , take the fing seats,, some of your a**es got stuck on them like you were at the theatre, unable to cheer, chant or sing, ,,,

some of you couldnt leave them quick or early enough when games were going bad.. take them becasue F ing S Groupies will probably sell them!  

Klopp post match press :
Fair comment, but , having stoked the fire, its difficult to make it "simmer ,, football isnt perfect , you know it JK! and i think you got somethings wrong too...

"Strife of Brian" ///////////.......................
Brian Mc> Just want to say , regardless of result next week in Cup final that we Reds should give a little thanks to Brendan Rodgers for this season . His players got us to 2 cup finals , these were his ingredients.. Only the chef has changed ... .. Brilliant chef though!!!!
other Brian L> Way out there Brian..Rodgers should have walked after Stoke game last year..a small time manager totally out if his depth..I defended him for a long time but it's obvious now Suarez carried that team in 13/14 and raised the standards of other players like sterling..he had no idea of standard of player required at lfc..funny how clubs aren't queuing up to employ him..Swansea job gone now..
Mark K> I really liked Brendan, loved the appointment and the attacking football, who wouldn't, in the 13/14 season we were flying, but you have to wonder how much of that was Suarez ( not a Brendan signing ) as Brian said above. Take him out out of the equation and we were mid table. He's proved at Barcelona it's not just Brendan's game Managment that made him great, that was all Suarez . Getting back on point, I've never managed but you give me a wheelbarrow full of money I could pick some good players and not win anything as well. it's not like he signed a 400 grand Mahrez for us.
Yes he signed players that are doing well now, some of which didn't do well under him as they were played out of position. "I bought Can to use as a defender and he's now thriving as a midfielder under the next Mgr, I can't get credit for that" yes Brian Mclaughlin he bought a lot of the players but if I buy the ingredients for dinner and it's just ok and the wife's cooking earns a Michelin star, I'm getting no credit. Don't hear to many praises for Nigel Pearson apart from keeping them in the premier league. McLaughlin you're killing me to late to be chiming in on this :):):):):):):) UP THE POOL ⚽️

Niall S>
Or alternatively, Klopp is so good, he's making Brendan look great, rather than Brendan contributing to Klopp's success. Brian, I think you''re letting the fact Rodgers grew up a few towns over from you cloud the vision
Well done klopp

Chris >neither, havent won anything yet! smile

Brian M> My Post wasnt a choice between the 2 as We have a clear winner...,It dosent change the fact that every player we have that has taken us to these 2 cup finals was signed by BR and the Transfer Comitee, it could be the Broken Clock or The Blind Squirrel but its still a fact and a fact that most commenting cant or wont appreciate , acknowledge or prove incorrect !!!

Not too many "Columbos" commenting here ... Cant deal in plain facts !!!!!!

?> fact? 8th in the league! 46th in the UEFA club rankings , theres some "facts" mate! the biggest target of Lfc , a club with so much glory i the past .."qualification for europe" ...nothing to really shout about if u only deal in "facts"

Brian M:>Your talking wardrobe to bowling balls. Skateboard pregnancy

Sorry Brian, if me quoting "facts" confuses your arguement!


that was also the "distance" between Lfc players on the field v Chelski

Lfc 1 - Chelski 1 ,

 it was a disgraceful "Anfield send off" , more like a friendly, fans were quiet, team quieter! half a dozen rent boy fans almost out sung the Kop? at H-T the rent boys were stealing it,.. did Huddink watch the game 2 years ago 0-2 when BR got suckered by Maureen? it looks like it was going to be a repeat with, Lfc having a lot of early chances , at the start Mikel looked shaky Reds didnt take them chances, and , of course that then let chelski back into it and that spoilt brat Hazard did wel for his goal.. Can needs to get a bit more mature, and precise, drive forward as he did against VR, got a needless yellow, then disappeared ...Lala and Phil wasted balls a few times when in good positions, Studge s ego seemed rattled by the rent boy fans> he was trying too hard , 4 poor shots on goal ...JK needs to be a bit more cagey with this typcal bluessh&te tactics

F-T1-1 and the Team didnt deserve a point ; the rebt blues were good for their 0-1 and were strronger and collectively jelled together much better than the home team, for me, the changes were wrong, Ojo should have come on for Studge aft
er an hour, who was not "right" tonight, missed a sitter and seemed to be , as stated, doing too much, loose passing by everyone, I am not a fan of Kolo , But he seemed the only one "up for it" 

... I never want Allen on, unless its to "hold" a game IF winning away from home, i dont rate him, Lovren wasnt sharp, MoreNo tried, Clyne passes backwards too often and although Lala set up the best chance seems to freeze near the pen area, Can for me lost it, and I woudl have replaced him with Lucas, who might have won back the midfield in the 2nd half as Lfc had lost it to chelski , benteke got the equalizer, so some fans will say "well done Klopp" , I wont... bad "rehearsal" for the final, I would send them all out at West Brom, to get it right, rather than hope the "Good Team" turns up in Basel one week from tonight!

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  1. sorry to educate u, "Spence" .. but as a REd before u were born, I was and still do live in a society where it is possible to criticise business or political leaders without being labeled a "commie " or "cynic" JK will only become a "top class manager" when he wins a major title, premiere league or Champions league of course i DO fault Fecking S groupies for bringing the club down to 46th in UEFA Rankings.. and BTW , u probably down know or want to know that the Club (had Ayre and other directors G& H etc not opposed it, could have applied to administration, used some of the 08 (3 billion GBP city grant) and then sold shares to supporters..& quite a few 30 million Lfc fans out there!