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Friday, April 26, 2013

Hypocrites.. and making the best!

good times, before stupid politics ruins the atmosphere
Hypocrites.. and making the best "of a bad job"!

this planet... full of "bad jobs"..i live in heaven, but the sheeple seem determined to make it "hell" 

Life is so simple, yet it seems everyone on this planet wants to complicate it, and make it difficult, like some perverse "reality" show ( where when u know the answer..they change the question..)

so i made an "event"  because its becoming SO ridiculous and i cant find intelligent life here...

so MY "INappropriate" HUMOUR is my reaction "eat a serb week"

"La liga rep. is in tatters...!  so another "hyper team" got pasted in the semis..

(champions league with 2 spanish & 2 german teams is reflection on the state of "pro-footy" ..i am struggling to get "excited"..) 13423 the previous night I wonder how many "barca fannies" u will find on here(FB)  tomorrw morning..( i'm not a bayern fan , & especially dont like robben) but if the 4-0 stops novice managers and unoriginal pundits hyping them up and suggesting all teams should copy "tiki taka" (sounds like a line from "lttle boxes" ..made out of "ticky - tacky"..and they all look just the same...") i'll be pleased :)

I wonder how many "facebook fannies" WONT be getting a new Barca; Madrid or Citeh replica shirt this summer?? (I hope Dortmund win it because they also sing Y.N.W.A SUPPORT J4t96 and welcomed us @ the UEFA final 2001!)

 Chris > ..the "sweet FA" ban Luis 10 games (making sure than Van Persie has a chance to be top scorer again, ) the same corrupt "authority" ... that Banned Luis twice as much as Terry .. and send our travelling supporters into Leppings lane end, despite previous complaints that it was unsafe and without safety regs. "ban" ? they ought to be lined up against the wall! ..this world goes from stupd to ridiculous and back again, whilst y a n k e r "owners" have taken us from top of the UEFA rankings in 2007 to an average position in an average league ;  

The Football association of england contributed in the slaughter of 96 of our friends in 1989 .. sending them to a stadium without safety regulations.. full of biased "officials" UEFA, FIFA and all "authorities" are full of corrupt and wrong people.. but the sheeple are to blame.. they watch films and admire heroes then never stand up against the we get the society apathy and cowardice deserves..!

Ironic ; the english football association ; probably the only "authority" outside of the balkans to see a Serb (Ivanovic) as a "victim" ... eh Tijana? ;)
advance apologies to sensitive people for me being an "occasionally inappropriate" person... :D ...(secretly i am UN- SUBversive...) LMAO!

when every body around u acts like a C*nt ; keep your sense of Humour! :)

certainly there are a few potentially tastier serbs than Chelski's Ivanovic!?


Ok Natha, its that time again
for you to have your special  day
i wish i could be there with you
to celebrate in every way :)  

A REd you are and that is True
every time you look so new
I hope we meet , lets make it soon
it will be like the sun meets moon!

little boxes ;

"let he (OR SHE) without sin cast the first stone" ... Luis u are only making it worse for yourself..

because there are so many self-righteous people out there ready to STONE you, because most of them (especially in media, govt and "authorities) will never have a talent or the enthusiam you have, you can be good and bad, as can everyone.. we ALL have a dark side... but what these SHEEPLE dont have is understanding, experience or tolerance.. they are midgets in lilliput.. small minds without enough in their own lives they have to feed of of yours!

Mally> Can't help thinking, come on who threw that lol monty python style. Lol. Ynwa.

ChriS>ha ha u can almost hear the screams? yeah its how i feel when the "public outrage" against Luis... but then they honour the witch! sheeple!

Uduak Obong Jonah @chris my broda ur spoken well. people hate but i luv him. YNWA

 Mally Moulton>  Media frenzy here over it you'd have thought he'd carried out the boston bombing's , oh sorry there was'nt as much publicity on that than what luis done. Not that im defending him but this countries media need to get a grip on reality and give theirs heads a wobble.

 ChriS> the sheeple buy it, the tabloid press, the sky media - full of shite, but its the people who are to blame for the society, knee jerkers! will the feemales be wearing beards at public stoning of Luis???
10 games ban?  ... u mean they didnt arrest him, in chains ? then publicly stone him and  hang , draw and quarter him in parliament square? , in that wonderful "fair" english society??

 I didnt play video games or "capt Kangaroo" we had imagination..and we had a football! (and if we didnt we kicked a can, tennis ball or even rolled up newspaper)..we improvised, a word the current generation will choke on!----------

ChriS> Nice message, but some "fans" dont get it ..they want to be "bitter" ... BLAME the wrong owners since 2007 who have made things worse year after year, dont Blame Torres, or any ex player for leaving the fans that are ignoranT & apathetic ar the biggest "traitors"

James Boyle > no i would to see any players face shell out all kinds on a kit for there little one only for them to throw the towel in 1/2 way thru the job n all in the name of money, i wonder how he would cope with havin to explain that to them

ChriS > wrong James, Torres stayed longer than he wanted - he wanted to leave after Purslow, G & H and the c*nts forced out Rafa in spite of the Yankers sacking the manager that bought him and then G & H employed c*nt Hodgson who played ale-house footy and expected Torres to win all the games, the club sells the shirts for THEIR profit not for Torres thats why they want ed Carrol to sell n.9 shirts ..Torres said when he was capt. of Atletico that he would only leave his boyhood club IF he didnt have to be the sole match-winner and coudl win trophies.. G & h (and now "accountants"F S G) dont give much reason for a player to stay.. the sh*te starts at the top... and still is there, F**k off Henry & F S G ...before the Yankers (2007) we were top of the UEFA ratings..!! lets understand the whole picture, please .. !

"whole picture and bitterness" significant words...being "Inappropriate" caused a dispute between IK's girlfriend and myself which seems to cause me to lose somone i considered a "friend"
CS> Tij, sorry about that "dictator" slur, u should really get a  job with the english football association..

a) i dont feel u are "sorry" about anything that happened to me, I didnt feel any empathy from u, at any time..
b)  so i insulted ALL the people?
c) and NOW you say i also insulted people the previous time?? , so why didnt u or Ivan tell me then (before?)
- i apologised 3 weeks ago, but you chose NOT to accept that, even though when I sent a message to Ivan to ask "are there any problems"? he replied "no problem - we are busy"
d) IK and his family were nice , but several times i noticed u were more concerned with your mobile phones when we met, u werent really interested in talking to me..i tried to joke about it!
e) I  have been in the Balkans (and half the world ) I know all the possible problems of state institutions and so on, but you didnt care about the visitors status, having to encourage people to come when a lot of negativity is perceived about balkan region!
f) its not whether u organise charity events before i came. its that U would rather "punish" me with the result that the charity event is damaged.. than accept the apology i sent U 3 weeks ago by sms
(but did you SAVE that sms??)
g) I didnt give up when NO-one kept their promises, but u and IK just decided (after my last visit) to be "too busy" and ignored me until sunday when its virtually too late for visitors..
h) you told me the first time u could get free or "half price" hotels.. then sunday IK tells me there is no accomodation do you really think I am going to convince people to book flights to Bg without any confirmation ( AT LAST WEEKEND At that moment; from outside it seems there is no "location" ; no visitor accomodation ; (or studio?) NO website, no concert or local support or "enthusiam"(?) -our hosts are too busy and no reply from anyone else about anything,and the only thing sure is that I have provided some t-shirts and a trophy) - and there was no "official email" from Nesic!)
i) and u told me i was too fat for my t-shirt, i like "banter" but yr comments weren't "witty" they were intended ......(to sting)
j) you say that I acted "inapropriate" with girls?? all the girls???... i had talked privately with a couple.. and about our losses
(Marija told me about her father) so are u now "protector" of Uzice feemales from the "Bad silly old fat ChriS" ?? (do u prefer that older single men should just go somewhere and die quietly?)
k) u probably didnt like me mentioning that Vesna could get 1300d per person at the hotel, and neither you nor Petar did! (for us)
l) U didnt reply to my questions about the studio..either. but now it dont matter, does it?

so is everybody i met <> really  a hypocrite?  and in truth hates me & you were just "using me " ??? because if u hate me so much why would u continue the event? i am pleased you dont need me, good luck with your own event, I know some people resented our emblem on the t-shirts- even though it was a free donation from me..  if <> people dont really care or want a "stranger" organising a "friendship meeting" thats now HONEST! and I honestly dont need to give more time and energy! The experience of life is that "conflict" often brings out the truth in people... I am honest about my dark side, sometimes the pain comes out, I apologised to IK

, but No one in the balkans aplogises from the heart! ... when u point your finger at me, 3 fingers point back at you!

thanks IK for the previous hospitality, but i would have preferred HONESTY!


p.s. thanks for the incentive to diet..or shall i just die ..? then i wont be "inappropriate" any more!  FFS!
I understand that your mood was bed and I'm sorry for everything that happened to you, but you were so rode to guests of the pub and you behaved inappropriate to all females. The similar situation was last time you were here. Your history is not justification for your acting to Balkans!!! I think we were more than nice to you every time you were in Uzice. Even thew we have a lot of problems, you didn't felt it, did you.

People from <> organize a lot of charity events for children and sick people, its not that you're sent here to open our eyes! Indeed no football club did that. Nor football fans. And obviously, they are not willing and ready to do that. We contacted them for ten times, and were thinking to change place for the event on Zlatibor, since we can not force them to take the leading role for organizing event. Its not our role to pull everything. Club manager was dismissed and changed, club PR also. Director of tourism organization - also. And director of culture center were concert and theater play supposed to be organized - also. All of that within last two months. Mayor also, and new one will be dismissed during this week. And we called all people we know, it was not good enough. So you can continue organizing football tournament event with Nemanja, if he wants. As for the two of us, we could help with organizing concert, theater play and managing drink for the event. If there's going to be event at all.

By the way, I sad you are silly old fool, not fat old fool. And since you deleted messages, here is reminder - very not Balkans from your side!

Chris 1: Isuppose i dot expect u to understan but right now i feel "betrayed" if this ios how u think o f me, u are so wrong...i loved both !?and trusted ui too much obviously! CHRIS??
Tij> 1: Even though I do not speak with you, I didn't stop helping Ivan with event and looking for your studio. I am doing it because of him, and I am not answering on your messages because you disappointed me and above all - insulted me extremelly! Please, stop sending me messages!??
Chris 2: What???   How old are u? 5???
 in always , still find it amazing hiow easily a woman can destroy not only a friendship between 2 men, but a fantastic project that would benefit the whole community, but she just cares about herself!??

Tij 2: I told you that I am helping IK with all. I just don't want to be your friend. I don't forbid him to be your friend. If anyone distroyed anything, it is you and your attitude to all people in the Pub last nigh you were here.??
Chris 5: ,I would u to explain WHY ub are "isulted" but I realise it wsa mistake to accept that u are my friends, probably because i have no others, MY mistake,l I accept that u dont want to make the event in <>, just dont tell me lies any more, i am sick witht iit.. goodbye! ChriS??
Chris 6: Tijana, In liked U , but honestly not any more, because i feel u have been negative, & didnt help me, and only u know why!, I am ready to cancel everything and tell the world why i do that are u happy with this? laku noc! ChRiS? ?

Tij 3: Not seeing conection with me and canceling event. Btw, some people work tomorrow. ??
Chris 7: for me its all about mentality of the people in<>, u work tomrrow, ? good for u! some people have respect for those who dont work in UE! ? ?
Tijana 4: Some people respect nothing but themself! ??

  Chris 8: i have as little respect for u as u obviously have for me.. u represent the intolereance, of the balkan people, because U didnt want me in UE, jealousy? and so u destroy something good, because of your own ego!??
 I explained my mood, last time in the pub to IK, be lucky u dont have my reasons ..i apologisec to HIM< u dont deserve my forgiveness! u have too much ego for us all! ??
 I was ready to do anythign for YOU BOTH but u dont have tolerance, i wabted to celebrate yr marriage but if this the reality , I dont bless you! ??
: i just want u to know, that the only person i felt was my friend (IK) cant be that for me becuase of how u are ! and that UE cant be my homr because of U! laku F***ing Noc!??
: did u help? miteX; useless! u could get a deal with hotels! or transfers, what are u good for? u didnt do anything except criticise ME! hvala! ?? night after: u needed the last word, didnt u! well, now that thatcher has gone, the world is looking for another feemale dictator! apply now!

Chris>a confirmation of my apology of THREE weeks ago, I do NOT have any supporters to defend my mood.
. "let him (or HER) without sin cast the first stone" ... It was when something said to me,  reminded me i am alone, i missed Jacqui, Danica had broken promises to be with me,  we had discussed the 96 murdered friends,
and I thought about my son father & mother all who died in difficult situation
..when i was travelling.. and my 2 stolen children..
but OF COURSE I MUST SMILE through EVERY situation...
..and have tolerance for everybody else, but not for me.. !!
I am SO SORRY THAT I AM NOT "Perfect" ..
i am waiting for you to show me how perfect you are!!
..still waiting after 3 years in balkans for ANYone to keep a promise ,
to do what they say! and say what they mean! ===================Fire in the booth......
So The mainstream media spews out enough “spin” again in the last week, to make even the most stable “person dizzy” … “terror” threats, and suspects that are already declared “guilty” by drones and govt. zombies.. Luis is in trouble more media attention to an incident I don’t condone, but a nation that “honours” the murdering witch and a queen whose ancestors stole the peoples land by force of army has no moral “high ground” ..LIVERPOOL honoured Anne Williams so thankfully SOME people have a GOOD SPIRIT in the midst of local and global madness of the mainstream, and MY “challenging” video is banned and blocked!! ..the sheeple and their leaders get the society they deserve!

yeah ! yr global society kills an estimated 25,000 kids daily but dont take any responsibility for it.. and make this yr main concern??? hypocrites everywhere!!

 ... shhhh its a secret! (wake up) 
(anyone got some non-copyright music to use as “background”?


so, you came to Toloshi, "just me and my bike"
 hosting with a friend,? u wanted to test
then suddenly there were seven
and u didnt tell me about the rest!

It surprised the neighbours
when i counted the twelth (+1)
from different places and different sizes
even i think one was an elf!

you didnt bring chicken
or entertain me with show
but perhaps in Tirana
I really dont know

enjoy the way to Paris
and dont let him get arrested again
see u another time,
its not important to be sane..

"you'll never bike alone" :)

p.s. it was funny! ..somehow!


WE had a "funny night" after watching the game with the Monty REdS . we met our ("EuRED") team and i was ........ ! ;)

Marko D(Pg)>
Boys Are Back In Town Thin Lizzy
Boys are back in town by Thin Lizzy on the wild one album, enjoy!

ChriS > old song..

"We are the pride of all Europe, the cock of the North,
we hate Man United, and City of course,
we only drink whisky, and bottles of brown,

the finest of football, the best ever seen,
the squad we? can pick from is just like a dream,
at home or away no one to fear, a
nd all the Kopites will cheer.......

Liverpool Boys Are In Town - Liverpool Songs


wakeup video!

13422 is also my "alternative birthday, when I woke up from a COMA 18 years ago..) but wont be going to....
zdravo velibore moram da kazem da je engleski orevod bio veoma prevod ina dosta nedostataka i moze dovesti do pogresnog tumacenja...ako su moji gosti uznemiravali tvog oca..izvinjavam se u njihovo ime..uglavnom su mladi i nisu imali lose namjere...oni su grupa biciklista koji putuju od balkana do pariza..medju njima ima spanskih francuskih austrijskih pa i meksickih volontera sisam ih pitao da plate za spavanje u basti spontano sam ih pita da odmore nakon sto su presli planinski put makedonia albania

osjetio sam da je to ispravno takodje natela(natalija) djevojka koja je trebalo da promovise/ ocisti bijelu kucu kao porodicni hostel itd je bolesna i nije putovala u cg i ukoliko ne nadjem osobu koja ce da saradjuje iliti ucestvuje vebsite ce cutati

nastavicu sa privatnim posjetama svremena na vrijeme..ali ne i grupe ukoliko budem bio pitan od strane neke grupe ljudi naravno uputicu ih tebi
nadam se da mozes da razumijes da je to bila rijetka i spontana situacija
nadam se da mozemo nastaviti u tolerantnoj atmosferi ne zalim se stalno na prekide interneta komsije dok koriste bucne psa koji stalno laje...ili komsijsku djecu koja vriste kad ocu da odmaram sto se desilo danas...tako da cu nastaviti "kako meni tako njima"
stvarno hocu da nastavim sa prijateljskim odnosom..

p.s.da li znas sto su mi komsije uradili sa zastavom liverpula?

Ugo> we had a great time last night, a lot od funny moments

ChriS>was good last night, but i dont remember getting back to Toloshi i dont know what happened to my flag, ..thats why i have to ask..
thanks for the translation!! hope we can play next sunday!

Ugo, Marko, good to have a little "celebration" with the "team" last night.. ;)
this is the text I want translated.. for my "landlord"

hello Velibor,

I have to say that the english translation was very confusing, google is a very inefficient system and it could lead to mis-understanding..

If my guests disturbed your father , I apologise on their behalf, they are mostly young but I feel they had good intent. They are a group making a bicycle trip from balkans to Paris ; Amongst them French, spanish, austrian & even a mexican volunteer..I did NOT ask them to pay for sleeping in the garden, I was asked spontaneously if they  could "rest" after they crossed the mountains on bicycle from Albania/macedonia etc ..i felt it was right..I asked you and Natascha about the "white house" twice .. i did not get an answer, apart from when Natascha said it was not available before June!

also Natella; the girl who should have come to promote / clean the white house as a family hostel, etc is sick.. and did not travel to MNE, so, unless i find another person who wants to co-operate, the website will be "quiet" , I will continue to have personal guests from time to time, but no "groups"  If i am asked by a group, I will, of course, refer them to you. I hope you understand this was an unusual , spontaneous and extreme situation.  whilst I write, I hope we can continue an atmosphere of tolerance..

I dont complain all the time, about tv/intenet interruptions, of the naighbours using noisy machines, or the dog always barking ; or neighbours children screaming when I wanted to nap, as happened today, so I hope we continue "give and take" I really want to maintain a friendly relation.


p.s. do u know what the neighbours did with my Liverpool fc flag?
13422 (my other "birthday" )

I apologised to u, before I left,for my bad mood, and sent an sms on the train back to Pg, to apologise  to Tijana, it obvuously wasnt enough ???
now I must inform visitors, how can we have a "friendship" meeting when my hosts dont tell me since 2 weeks that they have a problem with me, and at least one of the hosts dont want me in <>, I am worried now, because the visior/guests may have paid for travel and i must contact them by phone
this is very bad! and it makes me very sad and angry too!because it affects other people


Tij> replied sms (& others deleted) ;

04/22 00.17
some people respect nothing but themself.
Itold u that I am helping Ivo..with all, I just dont want to be your friend..
I dont forbid him to be your friend..
if anyone distroyed(!) anything it is you and your attitude to all people
in the pub last nigh(t) you were here.

04/21 23.32
(see also 3call messages?)


At the moment; from outside it seems there is no "location" ; no visitor accomodation ; (or studio?) NO website
no concert or local support or "enthusiam"(?) -our hosts are too busy and no reply from anyone else about anything,and the only thing sure
is that I have provided some t-shirts and a trophy, so delay the "organisers gathering/party" until 27th Aptil which give u all 10 days to decide if things stay as they were or if UE will progress "without frontiers" ChRiS

(via email from
"to whom it may concern!
REF; UNIQUE friendship Event Uzice 31 May-June 2 , 2013
FYI ; I have not received ANY written communications, from ANYOne from UE, that means emails or other type of messages since 8th April 2013!

 =============== Dani/vera
I have had enough of all this BALKAN BULLSH*TE!!! you are f**ked UP and too PROUD to accept help from ME!
and because u dont keep your promises.. and tell me when its too late...
I am affected!
and my plans are affected and so is;

amazing, without justification of his good or bad aspects, the nation forgives a ruthless dictator called Thatcher , whose policies KILLED people..and THEY honoured the witch last week.. "out of balance"? ..calm down knee-jerkers!
congrats to Rafa, showed BR how to win @Anfield!!!!!!
    Dave Suarez Roberts · >
    how you work that out it was a draw
      Greg Kerins>  ?

     ChriS>  moral victory folks!
     BR is a schoolkid compared to Rafa!
    F S G OUT and take the novice with u!
 Mark .... read this...
     ChriS >  UnSUB-B: LOVE Rafa (Global REdS & Kenny) , Hate Thatcher (F S G & Fergie...) 


This time, 21/22 April could be best described as my "alternative birthday" :)
I woke up from a week-long (meningitis induced) COMA @ easter 1995 ,
so I maybe have the spirit of an 18 year old! but i have the memory of an older man who has survived extremes, and seen and done a lot of good (and sometimes "bad")

MY lifetime passion ; LIVERPOOL ; the club and the music (almong with the lyrics of Lennon) helped form my character.. and stayed with me, it was always there, even when everyone and everything else was not.

I have campaigned for supporters ownership and people power in the local and global society ; because I have been a leader or instigator (and in the opinion of some a "troublemaker" .. i have also opposed many leaders, and the few I respect are either no longer alive or have been discredited by an often evil media manipulated by the few and "empowered" by the many..

In a week where one TRUe campaigner for Justice Anne Williams died ; 2 others ; Thatcher (a dictator) and the english queen (whose family stole their power) are "honured" i am reminded of the apathy of sheeple and the ignorance of so many! WHEN WILL YOU "WAke up"???? it is NOT enough to "chat" on FB, or talk about or complain you must CAMPAIGN, if YOU really care!

I am content that the system has been sufficiently exposed, that IT IS KNOWN that John Henry and F S G (who with previous "Infestors" since 2007)
.. have eroded the best of our club...that it is now up to YOU, dont wait for people like sean or myself to make videos that remind you what you should already know.. I place my faith in karma and believe you will all get the society you deserve, whatever that may be may goodness go with you!

Only if applied...too much talk, by many, and action by so few!
(via email from p.s.  today is My "alternative birthday "  (i woke up 18 years ago from the week-long meningitis coma!) ..i will celebrate "solo"   I have respect for Anne Williams , no other english woman at this time neither thatcher nor aunty liz! ;0 royaty stole the land from the people!



 Rules are for obedience by the sheep and guidance for the wise....


Hello Vesna

I am sure you are busy enough with organizing the BMM..

I feel a bit sad that I didn’t join, but standing by choices and their consequences are part of my mentality in a world full of weak hypocrites, and I believe strongly that people should say what they mean and mean what they say, I was a bit disturbed by your repeating my words in the way you did  (below) because it doesn’t tell the “whole picture” and who caused that… I stand by what I did in Prizen (I was right, and others were VERY wrong) and why I chose not to host those people in MNE ..

Having said that you are one of the VERY few people in THREE years experience of the Balkans that I believe do what they say…
And whilst we may not be “true friends”  or see eye to eye , I have great respect for your efforts and especially knowing how difficult it is (as an “alien”) to organize events in this region.. its ironic that UE was chosen as I sort of fell in love with yr hometown and have been there quite a lot this year.. 2/3 times  since I last saw you! ..but that will change… I don’t think yr people are ready for me …

(who the hell is???? Ha   ha  ha …)

However, I have still the intention to make some activities with a few people and I wondered where the “camping” offered by you in this BMM meeting is, and if its open for a group to camp there outside of this event?

Also btw, yr rafting friend hasn’t replied to my email about basic costs. In case you have contact with him..

Good luck with the event (I would have liked to have joined the party …but)

p.s. I don’t think you should go to work in a bank …I DO think you should consider co-operating in this  (or something similar)

From: Couchsurfing []
Sent: 01 March 2013 20:10
To: ChriS SmiTH
Subject: [CS Group: Balkan mafia :)] Balkan meetings - where do we go now?

Reply to "Balkan meetings - where do we go now? " in Balkan mafia :)

36 / Female
Update/sum up on the suggested places for the meeting after having exchanged emails with each person (I'll quote some of them, so apologies in advance if they think I shouldn't have, but it regards the meeting and all of us):

Montenegro - Chris' offer to have it in Montenegro as an adding to his birthday party is off, quote [I feel less inclined now to open my birthday party to people I dont know] end of quote, but he suggested CSerS International friendship Party + in Uzice (Serbia) from May 30th to June 2nd ( to be combined with the BMM. Otherwise if there's anyone else willing to organize it in Montenegro, welcome, but do let us know asap.

Vrsac, Serbia - Borko is ready to organize it from May 1st to 5th, but said that if the majority would prefer some other dates, he'd be ready to make compromises. Also, he'll see to lower the accommodation price (18eur/day).

Greece - Elissavet said: quote [I don't think I can do it, although I'd love to. I'll most probably be in.... So, not only I can't organise it, but unfortunately I can't even attend it] end of quote. But if somebody else feels like organizing it wherever in Greece, please speak!

Cyprus - would have to be in the Turkish part. Anyone knows anyone there willing to organize it? Or we'd better forget it and leave it as a possibility for some other time?

Uzice, Serbia - I've had a talk with fellow surfers and my friends and they were all into organizing it in Uzice from May 1st to 5th, so the volunteers are secured. Have found some private rooms and waiting for the prices in the Dorm. No compromises about the dates, our Spring/Easter break suits us all both accommodation and organization wise.

Therefore, while I wait for the prices, let's see our options:

I Setting up the poll and choosing between concrete offers:
Vrsac, serbia - May 1st to 5th
Uzice, Serbia - May 1st to 5th
and if you'd like to add it as an option:
Uzice, Serbia - May 30th - June 2nd (CSerS International friendship Party +)

and in 2 weeks time, the most, we'll know where and when the meeting's gonna take place, so plenty of time to organize everything.

II The same as the aforementioned, but maybe suggesting another date for Vrsac. (I haven't seen anyone suggesting any dates by the way! Except for the Labour Day.) Guess in 2-3 weeks we'd have the final meeting place & date.

III Waiting to see if any other volunteers are up to taking over the organization in Greece or Montenegro or Cyprus or wherever and then setting up the poll for all offers. In 3 weeks time we should know where and when.

IV Setting up the poll for all countries. Then setting up the poll for the dates. Then deciding where exactly in the chosen country and who will organize it. Polls usually last 10 days, so hopefully in a month we'd know where and when.

What shall we do?!


  1. sickening...
    FA = F**k all! ...bunch of Biased Hypocrtites (well this way Van Persie has a chance of being top scorer! and Luis gets a rest..... Sturridge will have to show his best, Andy back? would make sense if our management had some..)

    witch hunt? no, which is C*nt on the board ? .. BR> "He will be missed for the remainder of this season and the early part of next, but we will have the opportunity to welcome a better person and player when he returns." ..????????? wtf !!!

    "Luis Suarez today confirmed his decision not to appeal the 10-game ban "

    REdNeT> wonder if Ayre was ready to back Luis like he DID NOT last time, Like Ayre did NOT defend Rafa against G & H or Kenny against Henry ... gutless!!!
    FA confirms Suarez decision on ban
    The FA has released the following statement:

    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay> our club needs some !! (CS)

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  5. Luis Suarez; opinion