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Saturday, November 5, 2011


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 REDnET LIVE_R_POOL_FIVE_Balkans…"the couch" via MON tV

Liverpool v Swansea.  15.00 pm GMT. Sat Nov 5th

The Reds team in full is: Reina, Johnson, Enrique, Agger, Skrtel, Lucas, Adam, Downing, Henderson, Carroll, Suarez. Subs: Doni, Spearing, Bellamy, Kuyt, Kelly, Coates, Maxi.

Whenever I see this fixture, now they have returned to the ELP, I see the picture of John Toshack ("Tosh") ..the KOP singing "Shankly" to the tune of "amazing grace" …

John came with the Swansea team, to Anfield just after Shanks death, and took off his tracksuit top to reveal his RED Liverpool shirt, as the KOP sang, to show his love for Shanks and LIVERPOOL, its just one of many reasons I will against fight anyone , anywhere to retain the true ESSENCE of being a TRUE Red!!


Kenny Dalglish is convinced Liverpool are close to rediscovering the ruthless streak that will kick-start their season.

The Reds were held to a stalemate by Swansea City on Saturday afternoon despite creating countless openings.
However, Dalglish remains confident his players will find the cutting edge to improve on their chance-conversion ratio and end their run of draws in L4.
"You are better drawing one, losing one and winning one because you get more points than three draws," said Dalglish.
"But my perspective has never changed. We look forward to the next game, take each one as it comes and eventually add up the points and see where we are. 
"There is no difference." 
"The most important thing is to create the chances and the next thing is to put them away," he added.
"We go through this nearly after every game. We must be getting closer if the goalkeeper was tested because we have been missing the target.
"We just need to keep working on it and keep getting in there but we never got in there as much as we have done.
"It is more noticeable when you have chances and you walk off with just a point. It punishes you more.
"But it doesn't matter what your reward is, you have to find a better level than we did.
"If you don't do what you are good at you make it more difficult for yourself.
"But the problems that are there are problems that we can solve ourselves."

Kenny admitted his side had to improve following a goalless draw with Swansea on Saturday.

There were chances at both ends but the afternoon ended with a third successive home draw for the Reds.
Dalglish reflected: "Our performance was disappointing. Swansea played the way we expected them to play but we didn't  play the way we expected to play. Maybe if the chance went in early doors it would have changed the complexion of the game but as well as paying credit to Swansea we have to look at ourselves.
"Anything we're good at we didn't do much of today. We're usually good at passing and movement but there wasn't much of that there. When we got it back we gave it away quickly.
"We've got to understand, realise and accept that that level of performance isn't acceptable."
Andy Carroll hit the crossbar to make it 10 times this season that Liverpool have been denied by the woodwork.
"Even at the death the goalie's made a couple of good saves," Dalglish added.

"We must be getting closer if the goalkeeper was tested today - usually we miss the target! That's 11 (sic) times we've hit the post or the bar this season.
"The most important thing is to create the chances, the next is to put them away.
"There's no one in the history of football who's deliberately missed a chance, we just need to keep working on it, getting in there. But we never got in there today as much as we have done in past games. That was a disappointing thing for us."
Asked about Steven Gerrard's fitness following an ankle infection, Dalglish added: "He's fine. As we said Thursday, the figures are hugely encouraging. He's well on his way to recovery."

LIVERPOOL FC are hopeful Steven Gerrard doesn’t face another lengthy spell on the sidelines but have put no time frame on his possible return to action.
The Captain missed Saturday’s home clash with Swansea City and England’s upcoming internationals against Spain and Sweden as he recovers from an ankle infection.The club’s medical team will continue to monitor his progress closely and during the two-week international break he should be able to step up his rehabilitation programme. However, Gerrard faces a battle to be fit for the Premier League trip to Chelsea on November 20 and the Anfield showdown with leaders Manchester City a week later. It’s an untimely setback for Gerrard, who became a father for the third time yesterday when wife Alex gave birth to their daughter Lourdes.

The midfielder only returned to fitness in September after six months out following major surgery on his groin. He had made five appearances for Kenny Dalglish’s men prior to sitting out last Saturday’s victory at West Brom. Gerrard’s problems started when he received a kick on his ankle in training late last week. The Reds hoped he would still be able to play against the Baggies but the joint became infected and swollen.

 "The results may not have been the best just yet but there are a lot of new players that came in and it always takes time to settle and build an understanding," said Lucas. "The points that we have dropped, especially in the home games, could be crucial in the end but I am still really confident that we will have a good season.

"We have to make sure we get the points we need, especially at home, because that will be very important for us. "We know we have to improve our finishing but I think if we are creating so many chances, that means we are doing something right. "If you look at the number of chances we have created throughout the whole season and think about the number of times we have hit the post or the bar, then there are plenty of positives." In the absence of skipper Steven Gerrard, Lucas has formed an effective partnership in central midfield with Charlie Adam, and he claims the Scot is a pleasure to play alongside. He added: "I've found our partnership very good and I think we have done well together.

"Charlie has played in England for a few years now so he didn't need to adapt too much. "It will still take him a little bit of time to settle in the team but he is a good person who works really hard. "Charlie is a player who has an offensive mentality and likes to get forward and give the last pass and of course he is very dangerous from set-piece areas and has already provided a few assists this season. "With him being more attack-minded and Stevie and Jordan (Henderson), who are able to play in the middle as well, also offensive players, my job is to cover them and try to be in a good position to give the back four a bit of security."
Author: Steve Hunter

BILL Shankly once observed: “A football team is like a piano. You need eight men to carry it and three who can play the damn thing.” You would think people know better than to argue with the formidable Scot - but for the past 20 years, Liverpool have been perpetually accused of being a one-man band. First it was Fowler, who supposedly created every chance he devoured; then, it was Owen’s turn to feed on the scraps of mediocrity. In recent years, some celebrated Steven Gerrard beating AC Milan on penalties in Istanbul, before turning their attention to a young Spaniard who played, carried and polished the piano all by himself. He probably composed his own song on it, as well. It mattered little that McManaman provided Fowler’s chances on a plate, or that Owen played ahead of top-class midfield with Hyypia providing a defensive foundation at the other end.

It meant nothing Fernando Torres had a team of internationals alongside him, including Steven Gerrard and three fellow World Cup winners. But worst of all, the heroes of Istanbul amalgamated into a mere supporting cast Hyypia’s heroics, Alonso’s artistry and Dudek’s divine intervention all a mere footnote to Steven Gerrard’s achievement; the gallantry of Olympiakos, Leverkusen, Juventus and Chelsea vanquished to a forgotten history by anyone bar Liverpool supporters. That’s not to say they don’t deserve praise for their work at Anfield; there can be no denying the talent of Fowler, Owen, Gerrard and Torres. There can be no denying the talent of Luis Suarez, either.

The elegant, effervescent Uruguayan has stolen hearts and headlines since his £22.8million move from Ajax in January, and with it, stolen every musical instrument within the walls of Melwood. The tag of Liverpool’s one-man band now firmly rests upon his shoulders and at his fingertips. You can see why. Just when every analogy and aphorism has been created, Suarez produces a moment to leave wordsmiths scrambling for more. His goal against Stoke was sensational and sublime - the perfect embodiment of his overall performance. It’s hard to know what the ultimate act of futility is: curtailing Luis Suarez’s ability or describing it in words. I’ve likened him to the mythological Minotaur before but his talent is completely real. You would forgive a team for relying on him to win them games; to play that piano alone.

But from the moment Kenny Dalglish returned in January, he has strived to build a squad at Liverpool Football Club. He hasn’t concentrated on the individual. He never has. It isn’t Rush, Aldridge or Beardsley alone spoken about in hushed, awed tones as Anfield reminisces over the great side of the late 80s it’s the collective trio, as well as an incredible eight alongside them, who fired Liverpool to the championship. Even Dalglish’s title-winning Blackburn side of 1995, famed for the lethal Shearer and Sutton partnership up front, contained great wingers, Sherwood and Batty in midfield with Hendry and Flowers at the back. Dalglish’s new Liverpool side is based on pressure, passing and movement three things that must be done as a unit. As good as Suarez is, that’s something he can’t achieve alone.

The club didn’t spend money on Downing, Henderson, Adam, Enrique, Bellamy and Coates to make the pre-season team photograph look busier; the medical staff didn’t work tirelessly on Johnson, Agger and Gerrard to plug gaps on the pitch. Liverpool’s squad has not been as strong and talented since Dalglish first left the club. It was one of those new signings who proved influential in Liverpool’s win at the Britannia. Jordan Henderson’s first-time, inch-perfect cross with five minutes remaining meant Suarez had to simply head the ball beyond Sorensen but it was his understated role in the equaliser that exemplifies how important every player is to Dalglish’s team. With his quick dart behind Suarez occupying the defender for a moment, the Uruguayan was left one-on-one with Shotton; five seconds later, Suarez’s sweet song reverberated around Stoke. It is fortunate Dalglish notices that sort of work, because very few do.

Suarez can do what he does because those around him are relentless in their efforts to create space; all but one of Suarez’s goals this season have come with Andy Carroll alongside him, showing the endeavour of the Reds’ number nine. Carroll got the reward his work has deserved against West Brom; it was his turn for his sweet song Sweet Carroll Nine to sound through the cold Midlands night. It was Suarez’s turn to carry the piano in his own indomitable, idiosyncratic style. Suarez and Carroll were not the only ones who combined well at the Hawthorns. Agger and Skrtel were impenetrable, while Adam, Lucas and Henderson were intelligent both with and without the ball. The 2-0 victory belonged to neither Carroll nor Suarez. Progression to the Carling Cup quarter finals doesn’t rest with just Suarez or Henderson. Every win, loss and draw has been a team effort just the way Dalglish wants it.

There can be no denying the importance and influence of Luis Suarez, but then there was no denying the importance and influence of the three who have since departed - two semi-retired in Thailand and Manchester, the other at Stamford Bridge. There can be no denying the importance and influence of Steven Gerrard, either. The fact that Gerrard’s latest injury setback has not been met with the usual apocalyptic reaction shows there’s life after the one-man band tag; it also shows how far the squad has improved in such a short space of time. Supporters shouldn’t worry about the one-man band accusations; whether two, five or eleven men carry the piano, just enjoy watching Luis Suarez and Liverpool on song.(anon Kop/Lfctv)

Gaddafi  drank tea from a cup with Liverpool FC crest

bet he didnt have his name on it though ! ;)

While preparing t funeral of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the media amounts to a permanent new details on The last days and hours, Gaddafi with his closest associates and members of the guard hiding in his native Sirt

It is known that Gaddafi with a handful of close associates and members of his guards hiding in his native Sirte, in the apartments of citizens who had fled the city. They had each time to move on security grounds. Place of residence Gaddafi rebels allegedly discovered German intelligence service BND. Sipping tea from a white cup with the red-green coat of arms of English club Liverpool fC

KEvin K.

Kevin Keegan has spoken of how Liverpool Football Club made him as a footballer and a person - and revealed how the possibility of a sensational Anfield return was once discussed. Forty years after signing for the club, the player who helped make our No.7 jersey famous has given his most forthright and personal interview ever - and if you're an LFC TV Online subscriber then you can watch the entire 60 minutes before anyone else right now.

Among the revelations from Keegan was an admission that after leaving Anfield in 1977, a clause was inserted into his Hamburg contract giving Liverpool an option to buy him back. The transfer never happened and instead in 1980 he signed for a Southampton side managed by Lawrie McMenemy. Keegan explained what happened: "It was an option. I was with Lawrie McMenemy at a charity event the other day and he said he phoned up Peter Robinson, because he wanted me but Liverpool had a clause, but Peter said, 'No, we won't be signing him, definitely, we don't need him.'

"Liverpool had moved on, got different players and partnerships, were just as successful and arguably about to be even more successful. "In football terms, it's never easy to go back. You've had it happen over the years a couple of times and it's half worked but it's never really the same. My book had been written at Liverpool and it was a nice little book. I had a lot of good fun and a few little downs, which makes a good story. "Every time I come back, even driving here today, I go past my old digs. You can't take the memories away but it was finished."

Despite firing a century of goals in 323 appearances for Liverpool, Keegan is perhaps associated more with Newcastle these days following his return to St James' Park as manager. But despite his father being from the north-east, the 60-year-old regards Liverpool as the club to which he owes everything. "Newcastle and Liverpool are the two," he said. "I played for and managed Newcastle, my father and all his relatives were from up there, so there was a big pull for me in the north-east. But Liverpool made me, not just as a footballer but as a person. The people I met: Shanks, (EMLYN; crazy Horse, Hughes )Tommy Smith, Ian Callaghan, Ron Yeats. All these people you take something from.

"You think, what makes Emlyn Hughes so special on the football field? Fitness. I want to be fit. What makes Tommy Smith so special? He absolutely loves the club. I'll take a bit of that. Taking bits of those people made me. It was a very influential time for me. "The fans made me. When they started singing my name! What am I, five foot seven with Cuban heeled boots? But (because of them) I was six foot six."


Craig Bellamy has called on Liverpool to demonstrate their top-four credentials by securing victory over Swansea City this weekend and extending their unbeaten run to eight matches in the process. The Swans will journey to Anfield on Saturday having enjoyed an encouraging start to life in the top flight after securing promotion from the Championship last term. However, Bellamy is eager for the Reds to return to winning ways on home soil following the 1-1 draw with Swansea's fellow Barclays Premier League new boys Norwich City a fortnight ago.

"It is important to keep the unbeaten run going, but with no disrespect to Swansea, if we have ambitions of finishing in the top four then we have to win these type of games," he told "We slipped up against Norwich, but on overall chances created and how we went about it, on any other given day we would have won quite comfortably. "Credit to Norwich, they kept going because we didn't kill them off. If we can create the same number of chances against Swansea, then I feel we will that game.

"We have to look at it as trying to get three points because they are a promoted team and if we want to get into the top four, these are the games we have to try and win." Swansea will come to Anfield sitting in 10th position in the table having enjoyed an enterprising start to the campaign. "I'm not surprised because of the way they play and are as a football club," said Bellamy. "The Premier League suits them. "They will play football at all costs - and they have done. They've tried to keep that idea and that momentum going. I think they will be very comfortable in the league this year.

"They're a good team and we'll have to be at the top of our game on Saturday. If we're not and we sit off, they'll pass it around us and it'll be a very uncomfortable afternoon." Liverpool are currently in the midst of a seven-match unbeaten run in all competitions. It was a sequence Bellamy himself kick-started when he opened the scoring during a Carling Cup tie at Brighton in September. The striker admits it was a landmark moment on a personal level as it was his first goal for the Reds since securing a return to Anfield on transfer deadline day.

He said: "It was a big moment. It was Brighton and seven minutes in, and then I was lucky enough to follow it up in my next start with another goal at home to Norwich. "We should have been a couple of goals up by that time, but to get a goal in front of the Kop is always an extra bonus." Bellamy's first spell at Anfield yielded nine goals - including one in a historic 2-1 Champions League victory over Barcelona at the Nou Camp. Having signed from Blackburn Rovers in 2006, the Welsh international spent just a season at Liverpool before departing for West Ham United the following summer.

The 32-year-old admits he thought the chance to ever don the red jersey again had passed him by - but was left thrilled when Kenny Dalglish moved to snap him up from Manchester City earlier this summer. In doing so, Bellamy fulfilled a lifelong goal - to play for the King of the Kop. He said: "It was always an ambition to work with Kenny. Did I feel I was going to get this opportunity again? Probably not - but then Kenny would say the same as well. These things can happen in football.

"When he returned in charge in January, I got to see his team and it was so refreshing watching Liverpool. "To watch Kenny come back and the football that's been played, for me it is exciting to be around - and that is something I'd expect from Liverpool Football Club."

He added: "It's been really good and I have enjoyed it. Training has been great. I'm lucky enough to have worked with Steve Clarke and Kevin Keen before at West Ham, and to be involved with them again is great. "Training is intense, but it is always with a view to the opposition who we're going to play. "Every day you come in and there is something different. There is a great atmosphere at the place - very relaxed but really with a goal of Champions League football. We have the players to do it and I feel this team will get stronger through the year as well."

Steve Clarke has revealed why he is looking forward to welcoming an old friend to Anfield when Swansea City come to town - but is hoping the only thing Brendan Rodgers heads back to Wales with on Saturday evening is a handshake. The Liverpool first-team coach is close friends with the Swans gaffer having struck up a friendship during their days working at youth-team level. Clarke then recommended Rodgers to former club Chelsea when he was promoted to the role of Jose Mourinho's assistant at Stamford Bridge in 2004.

The Scot explained to "I know Brendan well. We came across each other what seems like a really long time ago when I was managing the youth team at Chelsea and Brendan was youth-team manager at Reading. We had some good matches and got to know each other through that. "When Mourinho went to Chelsea, I moved up to work with Jose and recommended that Brendan could be one of the candidates to come in and take the job with the youth team. "Fortunately for everybody, Brendan got the job and did a great job for Chelsea."

He added: "We stay in contact regularly. I probably speak to Brendan a couple of times a month - obviously not this week because we've got different agendas at the weekend. I haven't seen him for a while, so I'm looking forward to seeing him after the game. "He's done a terrific job at Swansea. I hope they have a big reversal this weekend, but after that I wish them all the best." Rodgers guided Swansea to promotion to the Barclays Premier League at the first time of asking after taking up the reins at the Liberty Stadium last year.

The Jacks have remained true to their passing brand of the football in the top-flight - something Clarke has total admiration for. "They trust the way they play. They played that way last season and got great rewards for it in the Championship, so there's no need for them to change their style and philosophy," he said. "I saw a bit of them last season and they played a lot of good football in the Championship. They deserved to come up, in my opinion. They've come in and acquitted themselves very well, especially with their home form.

"I know Brendan well, and he's had the same philosophy since I've known him right from the start. He's always taken that through. "I think it is a style that is conducive (to staying in the Premier League). If you look at the top teams, they all try and play football. I don't think you can pigeonhole clubs or teams - you have to allow them to play their way and if it's good enough they'll stay in the league."

Liverpool head into the game on the back of successive victories over Stoke City and West Bromwich Albion.

The win at the Hawthorns was particularly gratifying as the Reds collected a well-deserved clean sheet.  Nonetheless, Clarke insists goals for, rather than against, will always take precedence. "The satisfying thing was that we won the game - and we won the game comfortably," he said. "Obviously the clean sheet was a bonus because it meant as a team we defended well.

"You always try to build on your positives. If you defend well in matches, you know you have a chance to win them. That's always the platform for any team, although if you look at some of the recent results in the Premier League you wouldn't think that was the case! "But most teams set out to be strong defensively, build upon that and then look to win the game that way." Clarke continued: "I've got to be honest, I think the fans and the media speak about it a little bit more than the players. "The players know at any given time you can concede a goal in a game, but that doesn't matter as long as you win the game and you feel as though the team is performing well defensively.

"You can have a great performance defensively and still lose a goal because of a slip, somebody falls over on the pitch or the referee makes a bad decision. You know you can concede goals, so a clean sheet is not the prime focus.  "If it happens then great, but you concede one goal but score two at the other end and win the match, then as a defender you're just as happy."

One man who has impressed in recent weeks is Daniel Agger, who was restored to the starting XI having recovered from a rib injury. The Dane's ability to start attacks from the back was on full view against West Brom and Clarke feels he adds another strong attribute to Liverpool's offensive play. He said: "Daniel had a great start to the season, picked up an unfortunate injury and worked ever so hard to get himself back into contention again. He's come back in, played the last two games and played very well.

"If you want to play passing football, which we do here at Liverpool Football Club - we want to pass the ball and be progressive with our passing - if you have defenders who can pass the ball it's an attribute. "But it's not only Daniel, all of the defenders are capable of passing the ball from the back and that's a big advantage to the team." Agger was restored to his more familiar centre-back role at the Hawthorns having been deployed in a left-back position in the Carling Cup clash at Stoke City. "He's versatile and he's good enough to play in any position at the back," added Clarke.

"He is left-footed, but you could play him as the right-sided centre-back and he would deal with it. You look for that in your defenders - you like them to be versatile." Liverpool will aim to bring a sequence of successive 1-1 draws at Anfield to a close on Saturday - but Clarke adopts a pragmatic view when discussing the key to ending that run against Swansea. "Scoring more goals than the opposition (is the key)," he states. "There's no hang up, there's no concern. The last two performances at Anfield have been very good - all we didn't do was score one more goal than the opposition.

"That's the aim this weekend."

U.R.S.U.N. Clips & odd Lfc (Monty) stuff..

Dragana Saveljic posted in LFC Montenegro
01 November 22:00
Steven Gerrard's wife Alex has given birth to the 3rd baby girl and she has been named Lourdes Gerrard.

Luis Suarez 61.35%

02 November 22:36
je li ovo Selvi iz Liverpula da' 2 gola za mandarine ?

Frank Carlyle 12:59pm Nov 3
How are you Chris mate? Hope everything's well for you. Let's hope we can kick on with a few wins in the 'Prem' eh, starting with Swansea on Saturday? YNWA

ChriS>Hiya Frank, "fighting the good fight" as usual mate, gave a bit of "stick" to the Committee (see REdNeT special) if we play our best we coan win any game, against ANYone..good to see U again in Lp, last time, should be back in January for the home game v Stoke.. When are U next on Lfctv? (I am having trouble, again, with the connection…) take care mate!!

Its important our Support doesn't get frustrated ; Support Kenny & the Team..(and congrats interim capt; Pepe) 
 ‎0-0, how many missed chances, bar & posts, bad refs decisions and fantastic goalkeeping performances ...? keep the Faith!

for True REDS ;  Y.N.W.A.! 
(and soon on Live "visuals" scared?? ;) 

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