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Friday, April 29, 2011

11429 that was an emotional week...

Alien DJ online virtual show..sunday night (24 april)

Faces itchy coo pk medly

Lazy Sunday 67
  • they leave their stuff in the way, without bothering to say ..:D lol life everything changes but nothing is different , or everything is different but nothing changes ha ha ha

Every pcture…stewart

Reason 2 believe

  • energy of MY generation!!! ...passion U dont see any where any more.(except when travelling with with Liverpool REdS army) ..but its a song i dont wanyt to sing any more... who wants to..(stay with me , faces)

My generation. Died in95 …another life?

Jimmy ..watchtower

Don’t do it Joe, shes not worth it..

Chile voodoo ; enough said?

Rising SUN

Good tiome (eric_)

  • Natha Abu K>
  • i just love this song ChriS SmiTH yes Nat, great original sounds, mind U I saw Eric in a live concert, great guy, even now, never sold out to commercial system, kept himself socially aware and he's from durham, people similar to scousers warm and earthy, with some humour ;) prefer "good times" ..well sort of fits my "early life" (pre-95 coma) :)

Eric burdon..truth, was true then and never more than now..

3 pic s on Kennys heroes and ..

Support the REDMEN ; an independent media. (for adults only!)

24h tv


16 h aford abfab

Cancelled koko

that we met for coffee , U and Bo
so when I "proposed" you didnt tell me, fan
that U and Zena had each another man
so U throw this (alien) fish back in the sea
caught briefly, but U wont know the real me
pity because no one has yet managed to uncover
the ChriS who is much more thsn a "brother" ..! "

You need to get out - away from home, and the further the better. If you can't book a tour to Outer Blootavia this week, you can at least get to a cottage, out into the country, to a book store, or onto the Internet where you can spend some enjoyable time dreaming about your next vacation.

ChriS SmiTH 27 April at 10:55
why do you bother appealing to the system? u waste energy, demo, refuse to pay taxes hurt the system in its pocket be consequent,
I wne through all the german courts and starsbourg and brussels and its a sick joke that took 12 years to go no where, learn from my experience and dont waste your time on lip service and paper one in the system cares about us, so care and show them that you are consequntial..than you get reaction!

Thursday 28 april

You may have to make some compromises today between your family and your boss. All sides seem to have their ideas about how you should be spending your time. You may be able to compromise. Offer alternatives, agree to disagree. Don't get wrapped up in "rights" or "wrongs".

29  april
Career and social obligations bring challenges right now. Someone wants something you are not prepared to give. You may find yourself in the middle of some serious discussions about healthcare plans soon. If you are a leader in your office, push for everything you can get.

fighting with "2 wives" and koko every picture tells a story need for words (slideshow)

Ha ha de ha ha .. "

I am an old chap"

Its started with guys
In block 6 then block 5
Theres tooo many blocks
In the heads of "Monties" ,no one rocks (like me)

Is this the punishment for my first life
No one will be my "wife"
I had too many in the first one
Sometimes I want to run and fun

But yes I do have some good times
I am still drunk so struggle toi make this rhyme
AM has said "NO" its all about H-im-age
(me) HE has Age and the wrong face..

But I havent met a better man
I risk my life again to do what I can
For the kids here deserve much more
Please its not about money or being poor

AM I  cursed with knowing too much?
Strategy, logistics and such
It would be easy for me to manage
This black mountain society, but I am in rage

If kokoAna don’t see who I am
A deep lover , a carer , and an honest man
Then even dancing wont help
I feel like crying now, a dog with a yelp

12 hrs drinking (and chinese) =100 e! 10e p/hr

  • ChriS SmiTH> there are more than 5 MILLION people registered as "Lfc fans" on FB, if we had been able to organise these (and I apprecaiate some are kids or "occasional" fans we could have bought the club for about 50 quid each!!
    I believe we should mobilise the "informal membership" of the Global REdS and state OUR claim, including ALL supporters groups, individual fan clubs, facebook groups that claim to be supporters or fans of Lfc , whether official or not…

  • my proposal would be to push the club to issue MATCHING shares that we can obtain to an equal value over the next years thus ,say by 2020 or thereabouts we would obtain a 50/50 status...tje benefits are numerous , for all concerned..
  • extra revenue,
    each member (shareholder) can be an " enthusiastic salesman" of our products

a massive development ; considering Lfc facebook registered 5 million + "fans" to acheive an equal status would cost an average of only 60 euros each "do-able" even for the poorest communities..?
Why not?...ncourage your favourite Lfc group (offcial OR unofficial) to participate OR join… 

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