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Sunday, June 2, 2019

REdNET Hungover ....but 5 plus WON = SIX times

5 plus WON =
SIX times

ha ha ha.this was one (won) of the worst performances of this squad ALL season

...but.. a (too early) pen by Mo (Milly on the bench) 

and "super sub Divvy Origi (what price the 5 goals he scored this season? v blues in the derby, winner, winner at newcastle in the last league away game, 2 v barca in the 4-0 comeback...and the clincher last night in the final)

Pre match was ALL on this  so I have a bang on my head, somehow cycled home from the pub party, lost my mobile..but .... 5 plus WON = SIX....(highlights )



Juergen post match ..

post match anal ysis



but PLEASE do not mention the boardroom sharks (USAcorp = f s group /JWH) they did nothign for the team until they accumulated a 2 billion dollar asset ..


more media stuff






UEFA "mini-highlightd"

post match celebrations by the Team

even give a plug to redmen as i am in a good mood.. despite the headache & lost mobile ha ha

home coming

WINNING the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS TROPHY  and 97 league points puts the blue mancs in the shade... and ... they would never get supported like this...

.....with REd SOUL & Best wishes to all true REdS worldwide ..
& for those we have lost.,.. still in our hearts

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YNWA/J-96+30   5 plus WON = SIX!!!

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#censoREDS  #LbiRD #colouREDS #REdNET this is even worse , or better ? with music and more Vino?   lets talk about BILL SHANKLY, Rafa, Joe, KENNY & Bob PAISLEY..
another reminder

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Monday, May 13, 2019

REdNET update ..the FINAL countdown... gettiing MAD & RID of bad karma vspurs ...and v the man citeh FR AU D K lub

go to montv- due to banning here...

 the Final countdown..

if anything is blocked or deleted here..

including ; (final sequence of games @ )


 getting MAD & RID of bad karma v spurs ...and v the man citeh FR AU D K lub

Final domestic league game ..

LIVERPOOL 2 wolves 0

97 points and Champions league win in mad rid, will put blue mancs in the shade  ?

Best wishes for all true REdS; ;
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SUPPORT REd Evolution!
YNWA/ J-96+30yrs
"what WE do @ Liverpool-echoes in Eternity"
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final League game highlights



dont forget Juergen that J Henry & f s g are prime profiteers of the system that exploits : " supply & demand" jurgen-klopp-tears-into-irresponsible-uefa-over-spiralling-champions-league-final-costs-for-fans

JK post match

LIVERPOOL v wolves ..far from instant report (ChRiS)

i want to congratulate the whole Team, all the players, and that includes the ones that didn't get all the headlines, inc Studge whose cracking strike at the end of the game at chelski might have got a league  winning point..  congrats to Mo , the "one season wonder" for sharing the Golden boot .. with Sadio MANE who has matured and is well on the way to be a world class player, if he was "clinical" in front of goal Sadio would score 40 a season, too

For me, the distractions of the game at brighton, and the physical & emotional took such a lot out of the Team,  mind you Wolves are always up for it against top sides,  

I would have liked to see Origi play as a traditional Centre forward , as he did v barca..   wolves gave us a game, and AB needed to be on his toes to stop some decent attacking play by the away side,

his 21 surpass the 20 clean sheets record (twice) of Pepe Reina, 

.. Pepe , IMO,  was at laest a good distributor and virtual "sweeper-keeper" quick off his line.. 

Trent and Robbo both have more than compensated from the "alledged lack of midfield creativity"  

The rivals had an easy run in both domestic cups, whilst Lfc went out to premiere league clubs;  chelski, & wolves.

Gini, IS my "player of the season"  ... not only is he a first choice of JK, as the pivotal midfielder the glues defence to atatck, he is good on the ball, rarely loses possession and recently stepped up to score goals... 

the "Gini Turn"  
Liked Hendo showing his "macho side" recently doing Souness impersonations, growlign at opponents...

I could be hyper-critical and point at the ocassional weaknesses of Jk's in game management, (and ask what some of his coaches are doing during the game..)  but fans need to remember the blue mancs also had a BIGGER "blip" in december, dropping points, sure that game at the etihad was decided on centimetres.. and NOT giving a REd card to Kompany for taking out Mo...

Mane scored a second and sealed the 97th points .. a tired team saw the game out..

...... It may not go down well with f s g clones, and the fan nies, but i would "suggest" that Shanks encouraged the socialist mentality  in our club, our supporters, players bonded with our manager ; Shanks "holy trinity" .. thus,  there may be a "karma obstacle" ... against winning their commercial trophy, the premiere league always about money,  with the murderous rupert and his Sly tv dictating how and WHEN games are played to suit the media, and advterisers etc... USA corp in the form of henry & the boardroom sharks at Lfc,  swanning around on the "family promenade; after the game sunday, with "Linda" and the the other blood suckers .. they put FA into the team until last season AFTER accumulating more than half a billion from selling top players, AND the TV income, advance tickets, the THREE replica kits every summer, online & shop sales and... the USA based sponsors are coining it from feeding off of our global name.........


LIVERPOOL 4 v small barcelona club

previous Road to MAD rid; 
(via SUPPORTers club Logs ; ScLOG) ;)


after bayern away.. /2019/03/rednet-update-censoreds-blocked-but-1-3.html

after Napoli Home 1-0 and qualification

ADDing to the #19/20 season squad?

I want to see the lads like Woodburn & Brewster in the squad and loanees , Marko Grujic, , Wilson, Kent & such in the squad and not any big egos that might ruin the apparent good squad mentality